Who doesn’t love the holidays?  Cooking for family and friends, eating delicious food, shopping for loved ones, holiday parties, I mean really what’s not to love?  Except maybe trying to decide what to wear to all the different events you have to go to during holiday season.  The holidays are hectic enough without the added pressure of trying to look flawless.  And honestly who really has time or the money to spend on themselves this time of year?  So to help you save time and money so you can spend it on what really counts I put together a complete guide on creating chic holiday outfits for every occasion.  Whether you’re in desperate need of a casual chic Thanksgiving outfit, an trend Christmas outfit for work or a dressy New Years Eve look this guide has got you covered.

Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Tips for creating a Casual Chic Thanksgiving outfit:

  •  Avoid light colors.  While you may want to show your holiday spirit, keep in mind that you’re going to be eating food.  And may be around small kids eating food.  This means you’ll want to avoid whites, creams, etc so save yourself heartache if you spill.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.  This should go without saying but odds are you’re going to eat so much your belly hurts, so you want an outfit that won’t make you uncomfortable with your food baby.
  • Focus on accessories.  Instead of wearing oversized sleeves or fringe, keep your clothes simple and make your accessories the focal point.  Most accessories won’t interfere with eating like statement sleeves or ruffles will.

Trendy Accessories to Try

Accessorizing Your Thanksgiving Outfit

The right accessory can really take your look to the next level, even if you’re not leaving the comfort of your home for Thanksgiving.  Don’t worry to much about your shoes or purse since you’ll most likely be leaving those by the front door.  And skip anything that dangles or hangs like scarves and long necklaces.  Instead if you’re leaning towards jewelry try a pair of on trend statement earrings or layering rings.  If you really want to make a statement a beret is a chic and acceptable hat to wear during your meal.  For those wanting something more classic a pair or studs or shorter necklace can also finish off your look.

Classic Accessories



Casual Chic Holiday Outfits

How to Nail Casual Chic

The key to nailing the casual chic holiday look is by adding something unexpected.  An easy way to do this is by adding a pop of color in your accessories or outerwear.  Play with bold red hues or be more subtle with hints of olive or burgundy to give your outfit a pop.  Another way to add interest is with fun textures.  Try a furry clutch or go bold with a faux fur coat in a nontraditional color.

What can I wear instead of leggings that are just as comfortable?

It can be easy to reach for a pair of leggings and layer it underneath a dress or sweater to create a holiday outfit, especially if it’s just you and your family.  But if you’re trying to break out of this rut I recommend a chic pair of jeggings in a fun texture like faux suede or faux leather.  Another great alternative is wide leg pants in either a satin-like finish or in a thicker material with a fun print.  Both are just as comfortable as leggings but far more stylish for the holiday season!

Non-Cheesy Holiday Outfits for Work

Chic Holiday Work Outfit Dos

  • Pay attention to the office dress code
  • Add festive accessories like earrings or shoes
  • Make sure your clothes are comfortable
  • When in doubt try a monochrome outfit

Chic Holiday Work Outfit Don’ts:

  • Wear brighter colors in a conservative office, instead reach for burgundy or forest green
  • Abuse the holiday as an excuse to wear overly casual clothes
  • Wear clothes that are too tight or reveal and definitely no panty lines!


Holiday Outfits for a Special Occasion


How to Nail the Special Occasion Outfit:

If you’re wanting to really make a statement reach for non-traditional special occasion pieces and make them appropriate for wherever you’re going.  Take a midi skirt and transform it by pairing it with an edgy faux fur coat.  Another unexpected item is a suit.  Instead of rocking it with your typical blouse or cami reach for a revealing body suit.  You can even go a step further and go bra-less to really add femininity to an otherwise masculine outfit.


New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

Creating a Chic New Years Eve Outfit:

When it comes to creating a chic New Years Eve look you really only have one option: be bold.  Now this can seem vague but don’t worry I’m going to break it down for you.

  1. Go with a Bold Outfit

One way to really make a statement is to go bold with your clothes.  An easy way to do this is to choose an unexpected color, instead of all black reach for an all white ensemble or even pink.  If a bold color is too much then play around with texture.  Find a tuxedo style blazer with satin or velvet lapels that you can match with satin or velvet pants.  Another obvious choice is adding something with sequins like a jacket or a jumpsuit.  The key is to find a piece that you will wear again instead of a one time wear piece.

Chic New Years Eve Accessories

2. Go Bold with Statement Accessories

If bold clothing just isn’t your cup of tea or you want something more practical then choose to go bold with the right accessories.  Metallic heels are always as chic choice that can be worn long after New Years Eve.  The nice thing about metallic shoes is there are winter friendly ankle boot and thigh high options.  Otherwise go for very loud jewelry.  80’s statement jewelry is really making a comeback or layer bracelets to give your wrists some sparkle.

3. Go Bold with Everything

This isn’t for the faint of heart but will definitely leave a lasting impression.  Reach for a luxe faux fur coat to layer over a sequins dress and pair with fun velvet or satin boots. Another option is to rock a metallic blazer dress with a matching metallic or studded pair of over the knee boots.  The key here to find the right balance, If you’re wearing sparkle near your face no need to add bold earrings, let there be some separation.


Quick Tips to Remember When Creating Chic Holiday Outfits:

  • It’s all about balance.  Even if you’re trying to make a statement don’t go too overboard on one pattern, texture or print because it can go from classy to trashy real quick.
  • When in doubt go with a monochrome look.  Nothing is chicer or easier to put together than a monochrome look.  Most people think their colors have to match exactly but having varying shades of the same color actually elevates your outfit!
  • Don’t let your accessories be an after thought.  A great pair of shoes, a necklace, earrings or scarf can be all you need to take your outfit from basic to statement.
  • Keep your comfort in mind.  There’s nothing chic about wearing an outfit that looks good but you’re secretly dying in.  Wear what makes you feel great about yourself, even after you’ve had that 3rd slice of apple pie!

Want even more holiday outfit inspiration?  Check out 4 Holiday Outfit Ideas.

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