Holiday Dressing Sleeve Adjust

Welcome to the last installment of my holiday outfit series, if you haven’t already make sure you check out my casual holiday outfit and my office holiday outfit.  The last look I decided to put together is a holiday outfit for a special occasion.  If you’re a frequenter of Lil Miss JB Style then you’ll know that I’m not a girly-girl.  Others will probably tell you to get dolled up in a dress for a special occasion, but not I.  Staying to true to my inner tomboy I reached for my favorite burgundy suit which is perfect not only for the holiday season but my menswear vibes as well. 

No matter if you’re meeting up with friends, family or your significant other for your special occasion, it’s important to stay true to your style.  If that means forgoing a skirt for slacks, so be it!   The goal is to dress in a way that makes you feel amazing about yourself and still works for the occasion.  This means you need to know what outfit you feel the most confident in, then find a way to make it appropriate for the season and your destination.  To do this simply do the following:

  1. Pick a base.  Pick a top and bottom or one piece that makes you feel utterly incredible and works for your activities.  Bonus points if it already has colors or themes that work with the holiday!
  2. Add in some holiday spirit.   If your base doesn’t have any colors or textures that remind you of the holiday, use accessories to bring your look up to date for the season.
  3. Finalize with layers as needed.  Don’t forget that your outerwear needs to coordinate with your outfit too so be sure to pick a coat, hat, gloves, etc, that compliment your look.

Remember that first and foremost it’s about wearing what makes you feel your best regardless of what others think.  After you have that down, it’s just a matter of styling it to work for your lifestyle.  See what I wore last holiday season.

Comment below and tell me: What’s your go to holiday outfit for a special occasion?

Holiday Dressing with Topshop and ASOS

Holiday Dressing Head shot

Holiday Dressing ASOS Faux Fur Clutch  Holiday Dressing Burgundy Outift

Holiday Outfit Bodysuit Close Up

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Photos by Shanta Mac

Topshop Suit (similar suit)|Urban Outfitters Bodysuit|ASOS Clutch|GoJane Heels (similar heels)

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