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Solo Girl’s Guide to Miami

The solo woman’s travel guide to Miami Beach including where to stay, places to eat and fun things to do.

Slip Dress

7 flattering slip dresses for pear shaped women

Every Outfit I Wore on My Cruise

Sharing every single look I rocked during my cruise

Engineer’s Guide to Building a Wardrobe

As I've become more open about being an engineer by day, my inbox has flooded with all kinds of questions.  Some wonder about the average day in my current role but everyone wonders how being an engineer has altered my wardrobe or style.  And...


Why Your Pants Rip in the Crotch & What You Can Do to Prevent It!

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Everything I Wore on my Royal Caribbean Cruise

Sail In StyleNot sure what to wear on a cruise and feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to pack for your vacation? Been there! That's how felt when I was trying decide on outfits for my Carnival Cruise back in 2019. Having years of travel experience you'd...

cruise outfits, vacation outfits black girl, what to wear on a cruise, formal dinner cruise outfit, summer outfits, andrea iyamah reni dress

Cargo Pants

I will be the first to admit that I am not an early adaptor of trends. Not because I can't pull them off or am afraid of being judged but at the core of my style I like to buy pieces I know I'll wear year after year. One word I always use to describe my style is...

cargo pants outfit, classy fits black girl, spring outfits, how to style cargo pants, cargo pants for pear shaped women, black girl fits

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Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica is such an incredible country with so much culture, beauty and of course amazing weather! It's a travel destination that constantly gets recommended, now I see why! Being surrounded by nature for 5 incredible days I cannot say enough about why Costa Rica...

Costa Rica Travel Guide for Black Women, What to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica, The Springs Resort La Fortuna Costa Rica, Costa Rica Outfits, travel destinations, swimsuits for vacation

A Luxury Morocco Travel Guide: Marrakesh

Morocco is filled with such rich and vibrant culture that you may have overlooked when thinking about where you should jet off to for your next vacation. You may be thinking it's too conservative, too hot, there really isn't all that much to do. You'd be dead...

morocco travel guide, what to wear in Morocco, luxury stay in Marrakesh, what to do in Morocco, luxury travel black girl

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