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Apr 21, 2020 | Home Decor

We all want to live in a space that’s comfortable, functional but most importantly feels like us. A personal haven filled with unique pieces that make us smile and share a bit about who we are with our guests. And for those of us who love being different it can be a little challenging to add something to your home that you feel like everyone has, like a gallery wall. Honestly I really wanted to do something unique and different with the space above my couch, but living in an apartment my options were limited. At first putting up a gallery wall felt like I was doing what everyone else was doing but after finalizing the wall I can tell you that there are tons of ways to inject your own personal flair into something that feels like it’s been overly done already. So if you’re looking for tips on how to make a gallery wall you’re own, you are in the right place!


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5 Ways You Can Make Your Gallery Wall Unique to You:

  1. Start By Choosing a Theme with Significant Meaning

When it comes to putting together a gallery wall the best place to start is by choosing your theme. Having a theme will help you add as much personality as possible and make shopping for your wall easier. When deciding on a theme you want to consider colors, layouts, textures and types of art. Each of these elements is an opportunity to add some of your flair.

  1.   Determine Colors that Compliment Your Space and Personality

The colors you choose will set the tone for your gallery wall. You can make a statement with bright, bold colors or keep it classic in black and white. There’s no wrong answer here just room to experiment! Don’t just limit yourself to the color scheme for your art but also consider colors for your frames as well. 

  1. Pick a Layout That Speaks to Your Character

Choosing a layout can feel a little overwhelming because there are so many options and rules. But honestly only one thing really matters, are you organized or chaotic? If you’re organized like myself, make it easy and choose a layout that is simple. It will save you a lot of headache. For those who like randomness you can take a build as you go approach that will really showcase your style. 

  1. Buy Art from Actual People Where Possible

Once you’ve decided on colors and a layout you can start to choose the actual art because you’ll have some idea about what sizes you’ll need. My biggest advice here is to buy hand crafted art directly from people as much as possible. Buying from local shops or smaller Etsy brands will ensure that you have one of a kind pieces that very few people will have. If you find a print from a major retailer you like no worries, just make sure the rest of your art is from other places so your wall doesn’t have the pre-bought vibe. 

  1. Play With Your Frames

Last but not least frames are a great way to put your finishing touches on your gallery wall. For those wanting to add more fun, whimsy, or sophistication find frames in unique shapes. You can easily find these at resale shops or even on Etsy. If your theme is simple like mine, another way you can add more personality is by having different color frames. This will help break up your gallery wall and draw focus to particular pieces you want to stand out.

For those of us who enjoy being different, it can seem like selling out when we find ourselves loving something that everyone else does. But I hope I was able to show you that following the herd doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to still be unique. If you haven’t seen the rest of my place, be sure to check out my apartment tour, which was featured on Apartment Therapy, or you can also watch my Loft Tour on YouTube !

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