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Jul 25, 2019 | Home Decor

So many of you have been asking me to share my loft apartment decor since you’ve only been able to see bits and pieces through my YouTube and Instagram. Last weekend I pulled together an apartment tour video but finally put this follow up post together to share exactly where my decor is from. As some of you know I moved into my loft in 2016 shortly after I started my new job. With the plethora of inspiration for apartment decor I had saved on Pinterest and Apartment Therapy I fought every urge to go out and buy pieces just to have my space look decorated. It took me a year to arrange, and rearrange, pieces from my previous apartment until I felt it was in a place that my loft decor looked decent enough to share. While it has taken some time I’m excited to say that my apartment is really starting to feel like home. Although I admit that creating and decorating a home is a lifelong process, so I don’t think my place will ever be completely finished. This time around I really slowed down, lived in my space and let my lifestyle tell me what pieces would work best for my apartment and my life. And I gotta say even though it does feel weird to not have some things yet, like a rug in my bathroom, this new strategy of waiting until I find the perfect piece is working out really well. Not only has it made me more mindful about my purchases but it’s reduced my spending on needless purchases of “place holder” pieces that I know I will eventually want to replace. I also have been starting my searches for new items at resale shops one to find more unique pieces that have a story and to further reduce my carbon footprint and create a more sustainable living space! Anyways, keep scrolling and I hope you guys enjoy my loft tour and apartment decor.

Name: Jordan Blackwell
Location: Metro Detroit, MI
Size: 1200 square feet (including the terrace)
Years Lived In: 3 years, renting


My Style: Minimal yet bold, refined with some quirkiness

Inspiration: Pinterest, unique clothing boutique displays, nature and my travels

Favorite Element: Definitely the terrace.  Even though I didn’t have any furniture out there the first year I still spent a lot of time enjoying the sun.  So when I finally decided to decorate it, I found myself out there all the time.

Biggest Challenge: Definitely finding the unique pieces I wanted within my budget.  The second being that I have to work with the space I’m given. Since I rent I can’t do many modifications beyond wall paper or paint but I would love to have different colored wood floors, a bathtub, and to have a more open concept with the kitchen and living room.

What Friends Say: They say it’s like walking into a clothing store or magazine photo shoot.

Biggest Embarrassment: The kitchen, I hate that the backsplash doesn’t line up with the cabinets and it can get a little crammed when two people are in there trying to do something at the same time.

Proudest DIY: Definitely my bar cart. I was eyeing up a more expensive option on Wayfair but found the same style in white on Target for half the price. So I decided to go ahead and spray paint the cart myself which saved me a lot of money and also gave me a sense of accomplishment since I hadn’t done a DIY in such a long time. Plus it will always have my unique touch rather than being factory perfect which I love too!

Biggest Indulgence: The custom West Elm couch.  If you read my blog post from 2 years ago you’ll know I’d been eyeing up a navy blue couch for forever. I searched high and low at resale stores, Facebook Market Place and Let Go but had not luck finding a less expensive piece. Around spring they had a big sale so I decided to just pull the trigger. For a renter it’s perfect because it adds such a fun pop of color without damaging the space.

Best Advice: Slow down and really live in your space first.  It really took some time to figure out what the best layout was and then even longer to find the perfect pieces that would work.  The other thing is to be open to garage sales, Craigslist and even furniture sitting out.  I’ve found some really great inexpensive pieces just because someone needed it gone today and often furniture can be reupsholstered to give it new life.

Living Room/Entryway

Shoe Shelf: Walmart // Mirrors: Ikea // Egg Chair: Target // Leopard Stool: Facebook Market Place // Couch: West Elm // Coffee Tables: At Home

Home Office

Mirror: TJ Maxx // Table: Ikea // Ghost Chairs: Amazon // Pillows: TJ Maxx // Leather Chair: Moving Neighbor // Stool: TJ Maxx // Bookshelves: Ikea // Shoe  Shelves: Amazon


Flamingo Rug: Target //  Bar Cart: Target  DIY // Wine Glasses : At Home // Bell : Revolve // Cocktail Glasses: Rail & Anchor // Dog: TJ Maxx // Leaves: Ikea


Wall paper: Target // Shower Curtain: H&M // Jewerly Holder: Urban Outfitters // Shelf: Walmart // Makeup Holders: TJ Maxx



Bedding: Target // Blanket: Lulu’s // Dresser: Ikea DIY // Planters: Urban Outfitters

Guest Room

Couch: Ikea // Shelf : Ikea // Drawers: Ikea // Lights: Amazon // Pillows: TJ Maxx


Wicker Chairs: Pier 1  // Firepit Table: Target // Couch: Wayfair // Circle Table: Target // Ghost Chairs: Amazon // Leaf Table: Ikea DIY // String Lights: Amazon (do not recommend)

Be sure to check out the Loft Tour on YouTube as well for another peak at my apartment decor!

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