A White Jumpsuit 3 Ways

Jul 29, 2019 | Ways to Wear

As some of you may know I participated in a Fashion + Tech Hackathon a few months ago.  One of the challenges presented was to find a solution to help reduce the environmental footprint of consumers.  While there’s a big push for us to shop at sustainable brands, a lot of people over look that the most sustainable clothes are the ones we already own!  So in working towards reducing my footprint I’m going to try to consistently put together one or two posts a month on multiple ways that I’ve worn a certain item on blog. Today I’m sharing how to wear this white ASOS jumpsuit 3 different ways for summer.  Hopefully this inspires you to start shopping your closet and find new ways to breathe life into your clothes! Check out more of my ways to wear series.


Instead of wearing your jumpsuit as is, try adding an extra layer.  Like I did in all 3 looks. What makes this look different is that I went with a sleeveless vest that was about the same length as the jumpsuit.  This adds some depth too the look without being too extra.  It also keeps you from overheating in the summer.  To keep the look from falling flat I added floral accessories to add a punch of color and personality.  I would definitely consider this a dressier outfit.  It’s something I would wear to a nice restaurant or event.





One thing I love about jumpsuits is they are an outfit all on their own.  This is a more casual way that I like to wear my jumpsuit for summer.  I chose to grab a denim jacket just in case there was a chill.  But also I mean can we appreciate how great  it looks with the jumpsuit though!?!  Instead of wearing heels or even flats give your favorite sneakers a try.  It’s perfect for those days where you’ll be wandering around the city, a museum or the park.  I topped off the look with a hat because I was going to be outside for most of the day so I wanted to protect my face.  I also went a little over board on the jewelry just to dress the look up a little bit more.

The last look is definitely more playful.  While it is still a dressier look, I would easily put this outfit on to grab brunch or coffee in the city.  I swapped hats to give my look a monochromatic vibe.  Similar to the first outfit I added some whimsy with my accessories.  This time I decided to tie on a scarf Parisian style in a color that matched my heels.  I also subtly play with prints in this look by mixing my polka dot scarf and my palm print purse.  If you’re one of those people who’ve been looking for an easy way to mix prints, start with your accessories.  Lastly I added a trench coat again to give the look some depth.  But more so just to continue my Parisian vacay vibes.

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