I stared at my computer for far too long trying to come up with what to talk about for this outfit.  What message did I want to provide?  What did I want you to get out of this post?  What was something deep and profound I could share?  Questions I too often agonize over when writing a blog post.  I’ve worked hard to try to stay away from being the type of blogger that just drones on about how much they love their outfit.  Highlighting items that have more than likely been gifted to them. Mentioning every little detail yet not really providing anything substantial.  Sharing no real nuggets of wisdom whatsoever.  But in my struggle I realized that not everything in life will be substantial, beneficial, helpful.  Especially when it comes to fashion.  Sometimes there isn’t a deeper message.  And there really doesn’t have to be. 

Suddenly I realized that I was the one applying this pressure, which is also something I do far too often.  I was holding myself to this standard to have to always provide more than just a look.  But sometimes, a lot of the time, I just want share an outfit with you in this space that I enjoyed without any insights.  Because a lot of time the looks I put together are about giving myself some inspiration.  It’s to encourage me to push my own boundaries, overcome my own insecurities and irrational fears.  And not just the ones I have when it comes to fashion.  It’s about to finding myself, loving myself and finding new ways to express that through style.  In learning new ways to wear what I own, to capture these outfits and share them with you I discover more of myself.  I am so humbled by how many of you come here for inspiration and to follow my journey, truly I am.  But sometimes I have to remind myself that this space is just as much for me as it is for you.  And even more than that I am honestly not always deep, helpful, or substantial.  Even though I’d like to think I am.  Sometimes I’m just a girl working through her struggles in an outfit that made her smile.  And that my friends is okay too.

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