Sometimes you have to face your insecurities head on to deal with them.  Especially when it comes to style.  I’ve always struggled with the fact that I wasn’t blessed in the boob department.  Relying heavily on push up bras and high neck tops hoping they’d give the illusion of a fuller bust.  Always envious of what I didn’t have, that was until people started sharing that they were jealous of me.  My lack of boobage allowed me to wear all kinds of cute bras, bralettes, and even go bra-less with ease.  Things that I had never considered wearing or doing until recently.

Though I grew up a tomboy, I’ve started to lust after being a little more risque.  Purposefully showing lacy lingerie or even going sans bra.  My first time going braless was a little daunting, but I’ve grown to strike a balance that works for me.  That is what style is all about.  Finding the right combination between what feels extreme yet comfortable at the same time. If you’re wondering how you can wear a bralette here are some easy outfit ideas:

  1. Let it peek out from under a sheer top.  This is a great way to feel sexy without revealing too much.  It works for the weekend and especially for a night out.
  2. Throw on a jacket or vest.  Add interest and a bit more coverage with a jacket or vest that helps to highlight your waist or elongate your body.
  3. Rock it with high waist bottoms.  Contrast showing skin on the top by keeping your bottom half covered with a less fitted pair of high pants or a skirt.

The trick is to really listen to yourself when trying new things.  Sometimes you’ll find your discomfort is just fear of the unknown.  Other times they are blatantly telling you this isn’t meant for you.  Be open to trying new things, but also be aware of how you truly feel as well.  This will help you to curate a wardrobe and life you love!

Now I want to hear from you, would you wear a bralette?







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