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 When the trend culottes gained traction last year, I will admit I was a bit skeptical. Which is usually how I approach trends.  I mean they’re shorts, but not shorts, pants but not pants.  And I know I wasn’t the only one confused by the concept.  But really, what the heck?  Then I tried a pair on and it was love at first zip.  Even though I was crazy about the trend I limited myself to buying one pair of culottes.  Now this might seem shocking to most but if you know me I’m all about re-mixing pieces I own.  It’s the practical solution for young women who want to be stylish on a budget.  When chosen correctly a pair of culottes can be a timelessly stylish addition to your wardrobe that has ultra maximizing potential.   So I put together the ultimate guide containing everything you need to know about how to buy a pair of culottes that’s perfect for you!

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When buying a pair of culottes fit is key!  If it doesn’t fit it won’t look good. No matter how hard you try.  One fashion insider trick that is essential to finding a pair that fits is to make sure the culottes fits the widest part of your body.  Why?  Because it’s easier to take a piece to the tailor for it to be taken in rather than let out.  Though a tailor isn’t ideal it is every fashion girls secret to having the perfect fit.  Here are some other ways you can tell if a pair of culottes you want to buy are going to fit:

  • They are comfortable.  Everything from the fabric, moving around, sitting down, dancing and everything in between should be comfortable, if you struggle doing any of those things then it doesn’t fit.
  • The waistband isn’t too tight or too loose.  The waistband should sit snug enough that the culottes don’t fall down or rise up as you walk.  It also shouldn’t be so tight that it creates a muffin top effect, because even though muffins taste good no one likes that feeling.  If it doesn’t, no worries a tailor is able to take the waist of your culottes in for around $10-$15.
  • They stop at the right length.  Thanks again to our friend the tailors, or a pair of sexy heels,  this isn’t a show stopper, but you want to make sure that the hemline ends at a favorable spot that doesn’t shorten the appearance of your legs. This is especially if you’re on the petite side.

Lastly don’t get caught up in shopping for a specific occasion. When you buy a piece with a specific event in might you might end up buying a garment that doesn’t have versatility.  You want to be able to get the most bang for your buck and pick something you’ll want to wear over and over.  So when you’re choosing a pair of culottes make sure that they can be worn for most of the activities in your lifestyle.

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As always the age old debate of splurge or save comes up when you go to buy a pair of culottes.  Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before shelling out the big  bucks:

  1. Does it fit me perfectly? Let’s face it, very few of us are blessed to have clothes fit us perfectly off the rack.  If you are one of those lucky people, congratulations, but for the rest of us it means spending money on a tailor.  Splurge if it fits you as is, but if it needs alterations then buy a less expensive option.
  2. Do I need it in the near future?  Due to the way fast-fashion stores operate, many of us are now trained to buy an item we see immediately because we don’t want it to sell out.  Then a few months later it goes on sale and we end up overspending on something we could’ve gotten a deal on.  If you love it, it fits and need it in the near future go ahead and splurge, if not shop around in the meantime and have alternatives ready in case the pair you’re eyeing doesn’t make it to the clearance rack.
  3. Is it versatile?  In order to maximize what you have, your garments need to be versatile.  If you are struggling to come up with multiple outfits from clothes you already own to go with your culottes then they aren’t worth the splurge.

The most important thing is to listen to yourself.  You are a better judge of whether something makes you look and feel good than you think.  If you are even slightly hesitant, find a budget friendly version that you can use as a test run.  Remember that you are not obligated to buy anything so when you do choose to spend your money make sure it’s on something that you truly feel amazing in!

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