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With summer in full swing, you’re probably looking for easy outfits to beat the heat, and when you aren’t a dress person that can be a bit challenging.  As of late my go-to has definitely been a crop top paired with some form of loose fitting bottoms, like a midi skirt or wide leg pants.  So it’s really no surprise that culottes were next on my list.

Now I know all black isn’t the most conventional for summer, but I had been dying to have a matching set and finally found a way to make my own.  When it comes to staying cool while looking chic I have a few tips:

  1. Pick lighter fabrics.  Cotton, linen, silk, you want to make sure your clothes are breathe-able, especially if you’re in all black.
  2. Opt for garments with cut outs or over lays.  Instead of going full on showing skin, pick tops with cut-outs in the back or the sides and find bottoms with chiffon or lace over lays to keep the air flowing.
  3. Pick strategic accessories.  Don’t carry large bags or wear closed shoes.  Find a hat for shade and rock some stylish sandals or heels.

You don’t have to bare it all to stay cool, although you can if that’s how you feel.  But when you have obligations that have a dress code, keep those tips in mind.  Don’t forget to vote to help me win Fashionista of the Month.

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Forever 21 Hat, Top, & Purse (similar top, purse)|GoJane Culottes (similar culottes)|River Island Sandals (similar sandals)|Zara Sunglasses (similar sunglasses)

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