I know you’re looking out my outfit asking yourself, “Where are the lemons Jordan?” But this post isn’t about clothes with lemons, sorry if you feel deceived. What I’m talking about today is having small boobs. If it’s not painfully obvious by looking at me, let me state for the record that I was not blessed with big boobs. Feel free to take a moment of silence. No juicy juicy mangoes to bless my chest, just small, sour lemons. And just like lemons it’s something I’ve been bitter about for most of my life because let’s face it, little boobs really don’t get that much love. I mean many well endowed women SAY they wish they had smaller breasts but no one’s really looking to go this small . No one’s wishing to downsize to the barely there’s that require the most innovative technology to create even a hint of cleavage. Sure we have the “luxury” to go braless, if we wanted to look flat chested, or rock cute lingerie but it just doesn’t have the same effect.  And honestly on more occasions than I care to admit not having bigger boobs has made me feel less attractive, like I’m less of a woman.

But this post isn’t to vent.   Or to have a pity party. It’s to reach out to my fellow members on the itty bittie tittie committee about learning to love our lemons. Because #smallboobsmatter. So if you’re struggling to love your small boobs here are some things I’ve done that have helped me.

2. Actually Try Going Braless

While I used to shy away from leaving the house sans bra, it’s something I’ve found myself doing more and more often.  With the right outfit it’s very liberating and I don’t feel flat-chested.  Beyond that it helps to reinforce my first point.  In my experience when you go out without a bra people only give you weird looks if your nips are showing through.  So when I rock some nip covers I find that, surprise surprise, people aren’t giving me weird looks or making comments about my boobs, or lack thereof. Doing this can really help you to get over the irrational fear that people really care about you having little boobs and can actually be a self-esteem booster.  Seriously, give it a try!

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Seriously, comparison is the thief of joy.  And most of the time we are comparing ourselves to someone who was blessed with good genetics, used Photoshop or had plastic surgery to get your #bodygoals.  In this day in age it’s important to understand that looking flawless in photos is no longer a luxury just for celebrities.  These days comparison can be downright dangerous because you can’t know for sure what’s real and what’s fake because of how accessible and common place altering photos has become.  And because of just how advanced these tools have become, making them even harder to detect when they’ve been used.  That’s why now more than ever it’s important to stay in your own lane instead of looking at everyone else.

  1. Accept that Pretty Much No One Cares that you have small boobs

This one took me a long time.  But when I sat back to think about it no one ever made fun of me and guys didn’t stop looking my way because my boobs weren’t big.  The only person whoever made me feel like crap about it was me. Unless you’re a celebrity odds are most people don’t care that your boobs are small.  Those who do are usually men, and obviously not the kind of men you’d want in your life anyways. You need to realize that the paranoid voice in the back of your head saying people care, is most likely coming from what you see in the media and not real life experiences. Realizing this can really take the load of feeling like you need to do something to make your boobs look bigger off your shoulders.

3. Invest in Your Lingerie & Clothes

If going braless just isn’t your thing, then the next best thing you can do is invest in bras and tops that make you feel less self conscious.  For me that means bras that close in the front, v-neck tops and avoiding anything that plunges too low.  The trick here isn’t to buy because it makes your boobs appear bigger.  Your goal should be to find clothes that compliment your body and make you feel incredible about yourself.  If you even have to question how a piece makes you feel then you should pass on it.  Seriously if it doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, it’s not worth it.

What I’m Wearing

Pitaya Hat (Similar)|Forever 21 Earrings|ASOS Crop Top (Similar)|ASOS Jeans (Similar)|ZARA Shoes (Similar)

While it can sometimes feel like having little boobs makes you less than, I want you to know that you are still very much a woman.  You’re beautiful just the way you are.  And if you take away anything from today’s post I hope it’s that you know you don’t need big boobs to live a happy life or make boss moves!  Embrace what you’ve got and remember #smallboobsmattertoo!  Check out my post on the first time I went braless here on Lil Miss JB Style.

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body image: small boobs, summer outfits women casual fashion ideas street styles, fashion blogger tips articles, summer outfits women 20s chic fashion styles, fashion blogger style outfits

body image: small boobs, summer outfits women casual fashion ideas street styles, fashion blogger tips articles, summer outfits women 20s chic fashion styles, fashion blogger style outfits

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  1. Pamela

    Wow! Every detail of this outfit looks incredible, starting from denim strapless crop top to these cool sneakers. I like the hat and these cool white-cream culottes.
    Pamela from

    • Jordan Blackwell

      Thank you so much Pamela, I’m glad you enjoyed the outfit and stopped by to share!


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