Part of being an engineer is looking for ways to continually improve things.  How to do things more efficiently, reduce waste and maximize what’s already there.  And I find that mentality spills over into my wardrobe.  I’m always in search of what I can do to make my style better.  With almost 4 years of fashion blogging under my belt, I think it’s safe to say I’ve learned a few timeless ways to improve your style that work for pretty much every one.  So that’s what I’m sharing with you today, simple yet effective things that you can do to take your style up a notch!  So keep scrolling for my list of 11 ways you can improve your style today!

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  1. Get your clothes tailored.

If you’re one of the few people who can fit perfectly in clothes off the rack, my hat’s off to you.  But for most of us items never fit quite right.  For some that means walking away from a piece but for others they settle for something imperfect.  I fall into the third category.  I get my clothes tailored.  So many people overlook just how much a tailor can do for your style.  From creating jeans in the perfect length to creating almost a whole new piece entirely.  Tailors are not to be slept on.  If you want killer style, find a tailor and get your clothes properly fitted!

2. Buy shoes that are comfortable. And that you can walk in.

One of the greatest things I’ve done for myself over the past year is to get rid of all my uncomfortable shoes.  There’s nothing cute or stylish about being the only one sitting at an event because it’s too excruciating to stand.  Do yourself a favor and only buy shoes that you can wear for more than a few hours.

3. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit you the way you like.

This definitely goes for your “motivational” clothing.  Don’t waste precious closet space or mental energy on clothes that don’t fit the way you want them too.  If they’re sentimental try taking them to the tailor to see if they can be salvaged.  If they just plain old won’t fit, sell them!  Keeping clothes that don’t fit is one of the top reasons people don’t have the style they want, see the other things that might be keeping you from killer style here.

4. Learn what colors look best on you and how you like to wear colors.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of colors learning how to use them in a way that works for you will do wonders.  Choosing the right colors can make you look slimmer, more radiant, bring out your eyes and can make you feel amazing overall!  There’s nothing chicer than unexpected color blocking or a well chosen pop of color.

5. Master the art of accessorizing.

One easy way set your outfit apart from the crowd is accessories.   They can make or break your look.  Learning how to coordinate your hats, scarves, jewelry, purses and shoes with your outfit is one of the best ways to improve your style.  Check out my Pinterest board full of styling tips and tricks you can use!

6. Know the difference between inspiration and copying.

I get it the article said “X outfits to copy” but taking someone else’s style definitely won’t help your own.  It’s okay to get inspired by someone else but don’t try to copy and paste their outfit.  Instead understand why you like the look and figure out how you can make it your own.  That way your style stands out from all the other look-a-likes out there.

7.  Try new things.

Don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone.  It’s in those areas of discomfort you grow.  If wearing color overwhelms you, start small.  Add a pair of shoes and challenge yourself to wear them once a week.  Then gradually branch out to something else.  Eventually you’ll become comfortable enough to rock what once scared you with confidence.

8. Stop shopping at the same places.

Just like trying new things, quit shopping at the same places all the time.  Trust me, you’ll start to run the risk of being a walking advertisement for their store. Venture into shops you’ve never been to or haven’t been in a while.  You might be surprised with the pieces you find.  I mean I once found a killer leopard print scarf at Walmart.  So go into places open minded that there is potential waiting inside.

9. Find ways to re-wear or re-purpose what you own.

Thinking outside the box with how you wear pieces is a free way to get more wear out of your clothes.  Try wearing outerwear as a top or a dress as a skirt.  The more ways you can find to re-wear what you own the more unique your style will be.  And the more money you’ll save from not having to buy new clothes. 

10. Quit buying what everyone else is buying.

Personally I’m not a fan of having things that I know everyone else has.  But with the rise in social media and the constant bombardment of materials it can be hard to tell if you truly want something or are buying it because everyone else has it.  Really take the time to evaluate why you want a piece that you’re seeing it everywhere.  9 times out of 10 these items turn out to just collect dust in our closet because it’s not something we truly love.  So save yourself money and only buy items that you know are things you’ll rock.

11. Stand by your style.

This is the most important.  The fashion industry likes to trick consumers with words like “trends”, see more on that here.  But we all know fashion is cyclical and what goes out will be “back on the rise” in a few years.  For that reason don’t be afraid to rock something long after it’s no longer the big thing because it’s something that you genuinely love.  That’s the real trick to improving your style, confidence that you’re crushing the outfit you’re wearing.

Now I’d love to hear from you!  What is your biggest style struggle? Comment below!


Quick Guide: 11 Ways to Improve Your Style | fashion blogger style, fashion blogger tips outfits, spring outfit, style tips

11 Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Style | fashion blogger style, fashion blogger tips outfits, spring outfit, style tips

11 Ways to Improve Your Style | fashion blogger style, fashion blogger tips outfits, spring outfit, style tips

Quick Guide: 11 Ways to Improve Your Style | fashion blogger style, fashion blogger tips outfits, spring outfit, style tips

Quick Guide: 11 Ways to Improve Your Style | fashion blogger style, fashion blogger tips outfits, spring outfit, style tips

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