There’s nothing more frustrating than scrolling through Instagram and feeling like your style doesn’t compare.  You spend hours shopping, what feels like years standing in front of your closet yet each outfit seems to fall short.   After stalking your favorite fashion bloggers for help you still find yourself wondering, why don’t I have killer style?  I mean you followed their steps to the tee but it just doesn’t seem to look the same on you.  We’ve all been there.  But after years in the style game I’m here to share 7 things that I’ve found that keep most people from having killer style.  Keep scrolling to see if you’re falling victim to any of these things!

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So what is it exactly that’s keeping you from killer style?


1. You listen to everyone else’s opinion but your own.  How many times have you seen articles proclaiming “X is SOOOO OUT THIS YEAR! LIKE FORREAL THIS TIME!”?  And how many times do you run to your wardrobe to throw those items out only to see a year later same website screaming “OMG YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT’S TOTALLY BACK IN RIGHT NOW….X!”.  Or when you’re shopping with a friend who tells you the dress that you just fell head over heels for doesn’t look like you so you don’t buy it.  Part of having killer style is listening to your inner voice.  It’s rocking stuff you like even if other don’t like it on you.  If you’re really struggling to take your wardrobe up a notch, listen to what you want instead of what everyone else is telling you.

2. You are a serial impulse shopper.  I get it, a blogger says you can’t live without this item or you’re shopping only to experience the ever so elusive love at first sight and you feel like you just need it.  But really you don’t.  Actually you don’t need ANYTHING that any blogger/store/etc. is promoting.  Honestly! While personal style definitely leaves room for whimsy, most style icons are very selective when it comes to adding new pieces to their closet.  My motto is if I can wear it on more than one occasion, throughout multiple seasons and create three outfits using clothes I already own then it’s worth buying.

3.  You keep copying everyone else. While this tactic may have worked to get you through college, you can’t rely on this approach when it comes to style.  I mean how do expect to have killer style if you’re busy trying to take someone else’s?  If you want truly enviable style you need to do things your way.  It’s okay to let an outfit inspire you, but don’t copy what some one is doing.  There’s enough Kylie Jenner look-a-likes in the world already, we don’t need anymore.  The trick is to give each outfit your own personal flair.  Whether it’s your signature necklace or something extra like a extremely wide leg pants take time to make each look your own.

4.  You fall for sale promos.  This goes along with impulse purchases.  Sales promotions are designed to get you to buy things impulsively.  Things that you probably don’t even want.  So they want to trick you with buy one get one or spend $200 get $50 off so you buy things you don’t need, won’t wear and probably will be too lazy to return.  Instead window shop or online shop for items you like then use websites like Shoptgr to get notifications when a piece goes on sale.

5. You keep clothes you don’t feel comfortable in.  I get it, you were once size A and now you’re size B hoping to get back to size A but keeping you’re size A clothes is hurting your style.  I  know that most people keep those clothes as motivation but if they never return to size A it can actually be emotionally damaging.  I go through this process a lot with my clients.  Remember there’s nothing wrong with being size B.  There’s also no reason that you can’t be comfortable and stylish while working towards returning to size A.  So get rid of clothes that you don’t feel comfortable and confident in to make room for clothes that do!

6.  You’re too focused on looking sexy/skinny.  Now I’m not saying you should try to look fat.  In fact there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look thinner or sexy.  But many women are too caught up in looking sexually appealing or thin that they don’t explore fashion and create genuine style.  A major component of style is balance.  The art of showing the right amount of skin, mixing fitted and loose clothing.  It’s the perfect combination of each component that pulls a look together.  If you’re a victim of this, start by finding style inspiration beyond your usual bodycon clad women.   Then slowly start to add pieces that still make you feel sexy while striking that balance.

7. You’re afraid to try new things.  I know, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  But just because it isn’t broke doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.  If you refuse to branch out and grow, your style won’t reach killer status.   It’s not just about trying new colors, cuts, textures and patterns but really mastering the art of styling.  This means wearing clothes in non-traditional ways, adding unique layering pieces or using accessories in a new way.  The best way to fix this it to play dress up.  Spend time in your closet mixing and matching what you own.  Even better, go to a store to try out all the options they have.  It may be time consuming but this is ultimately the way to really define your style.

Like most things, creating killer style takes times.  It takes patience.  It takes a lot of trial and error.  But you can always come back to see me here and how I’ve stumbled through it or even ask me questions!  If you found this post helpful be sure to share it and check out my post on wardrobe building myths.

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