For those of you who follow me on Instagram or read this post here, you’ll know that for Memorial Day the man and I headed to West Palm Beach to celebrate my Uncle turning 50!  I, clearly delusional, planned to take tons of pictures and post about traveling style and do a follow up to my How to Pack for Vacation post, but alas the weekend was so short and I wanted to spend as much time with all of my nieces, nephews and cousins as possible, I hope you guys understand and forgive me.   I honestly got so caught up in the trip I barely took any photos at all let alone captured what I was wearing.  Thankfully the man reminded me that I do run a blog and owe it to my faithful viewers to share what I did manage to catch my vacation style on camera.


Marshall’s Hat (similar here) & Jumpsuit (similar here)|American Eagle Jacket|Forever 21 Purse|Converse Sneakers

When traveling comfort is of the utmost importance.  For a chic yet laid back look pair sneakers with a dressy onsie and top it off with a denim jacket for some warmth on the plane.  Also if your suit case is too small for your hat, just wear it around the airport for an extra hint of glam.


Part of the Breakers Resort in West Palm Beach, FL.


Marshall’s Hat (similar here)|Wet Seal Scarf (similar here)

I honestly didn’t think to even buy a beach cover up for this trip since I really don’t spend much time at the beach or pools unless I am on vacation, which is pretty much never.

Style Tip: Instead of buying a piece specifically for the beach, try turning a scarf into a cover up or opt for a garment that can be worn beyond pool side.


Quay Sunglasses (similar here)


Since this is my first big vacation financed by myself since graduating from Purdue, I feel so grown up now, I had to splurge and order room service for the first time ever.  Don’t worry those waffles were as amazing as they looked!


Target Dress & Clutch (similar here)|NastyGal Heels (similar here)

Maxi dresses are perfect vacation wear because they can double as a cover up or are easily dressed up for a night out look with heels and an evening clutch.


Marshall’s Hat (similar here)|Zara Sunglasses (similar here)|JCPenney Bikini Top (similar here)|Forever 21 Skirt (similar here)

As I mentioned in my style tip above, you don’t have to buy a cover up just for the beach.  Maxi skirts are easy to transition from day, to beach, to night out with the right tops and shoes, or lack thereof for the beach.


Zara Sunglasses (similar here)

Sunglasses are an easy way to change up your look on vacation that don’t require a lot of fuss.  Pick a funky pair to give your neutral outfits a pop of personality but also have a pair that goes with anything for your more vacation inspired looks.


Marshall’s Blouse (similar here)|MNG Skirt via JCPenney|Kohl’s Heels (similar here)

Much like a maxi skirt, a midi skirt is perfect vacation wear and can add a little more sex appeal by baring more skin.  If you want to keep your look conservative opt for a looser blouse with a higher neckline paired with classic shoes.  For those who dare to be more risque try a crop top and some strappy sandals!

A lot of people tend to over pack when it comes to vacation style for various reasons and end up lugging around more than they need to.  To keep yourself from packing too much here are a few tips:

  1. Set the Theme. The easiest way to pack the right amount is to set a mood for your trip which will lead you to color palettes and potential uniforms.  This will help you to pick versatile pieces to create countless outfits combos as well as decide how to accessorize!
  2. Plan Ahead.  Many people make the mistake of packing the night before, or worse the day of, and don’t take into account the weather at their destination nor the activities they plan to partake in.  By creating a game plan for the trip you can make sure you have all your bases covered in case you and your pals decide to indeed go spelunking.
  3. Stay True to Yourself.  A lot of people want to go on vacation and  want assume their alter ego, mine happens to be Bianca.  The problem with this is that you pack all these clothes for Vivan, your alter ego, just go with it, and none for yourself.  Stick with clothes that your are comfortable and confident in!

Packing, just like getting dressed shouldn’t be a chore.  For more tips on packing check out my vacation essentials here also check out my swim wear tips here.

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