I debated for a while as to whether or not to do this post because I’ve always struggle with accepting my looks.  Time for a short-ish story (queue sad music).  When I was younger I was on the chubby side, developed slowly, battled with acne and was constantly placed in the friend zone.  Growing up I was surrounded by girls and role models (in real life and in the media) who looked and acted nothing like me.  They, for the most part, had perfect skin, hair, well endowed and easily were a size 2 or smaller (no joke).  They didn’t struggle with chaffing while doing drills in soccer practice or having to learn how to tame a natural girl’s unruly, curly mane.  It was a perfect recipe for self-esteem issues.

I outgrew most of those issues in college. Except I still to this day struggle with my skin since I seem to always have a pimple and resulting dark spot on my face (I mean I’m 23, c’mon skin get it together)!  Though I did lose a lot of body fat in 2014 when I got serious about my health and fitness I find that I do still struggle to love my body.  Most of that is mainly due to the fact that I keep comparing the current state of my health journey to perfectly toned females who’ve already come to the end of theirs.  If you’ve read my Goals for 2015, you’ll know that this is the year I learn to embrace myself, flaws, curves, edges and all!

Anywaaaaays, enough of that.  I figure what better way to embrace my body than to “bare it all” on my blog?!  So I decided to share my swim suit looks from my vacation in Bonaire.

The perks of having smaller boobs is that you don’t have to worry about many styles of swim suits being unflattering.  The downside, you might look as though you have no boobs (not even a sign of cleavage going on).  A classic triangle top, sweetheart top and padded top seem to be the most flattering for those of us who’re not so well endowed.  Also stick with fun prints that accentuated your curves while not making your pear/rectangular shape too obvious.  A sheer, high-low top is the perfect cover up for when the sun was beaming too hard outside!

Also I would like to wish a Happy Founder’s Day to the Finer ladieZ of Zeta Phi Beta Incorporated! Z-Phi!

Comment below and tell me: What types of swim suits do you feel most confident in?

Gap Swimsuit (old)



Pac Sun Swimsuit (old)



Forever 21 Cover Up (old)

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