Pinstripe Winter Coat Lil Miss JB Style

Wearing prints can seem daunting when it’s freezing outside, especially if you had to endure the dreaded blizzard of 2016.  One easy way to rock patterns in the cold weather is by choosing a print that never goes out of style, like stripes.  A way to keep classics patterns from getting boring is to add them to an unexpected silhouette like I did with this pinstripe winter coat.  If you’re struggling to figure how to add prints to your winter wardrobe keep these tips in mind:

  1. Pay attention to the fit.  When adding anything to your closet you want to be sure that it falls how you want it to on your body.
  2. Choose the right material.  You want to make sure that the garment is not only flattering but is comfortable as well.  Nothings less stylish than looking as though you’re uncomfortable.
  3. Think versatility.  Be sure that your print is versatile meaning not only can it be worn for multiple occasions but works with multiple items in your closet.

Remember that simplicity can be stylish so don’t go overboard mixing too many prints or bright colors.  The trick is to have one statement piece and use the rest of your clothing to complete the look.  Need more personalized help?  Schedule a complimentary consultation today otherwise check out more unexpected ways to wear stripes.

Comment below and tell me: Would you rock a pinstripe winter coat?

Pinstripe Winter Coat

Pinstripe Winter Coat Lil Miss JB Style

Pinstripe Winter Coat Lil Miss JB Style

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