If you’ve learned anything about me by now it’s that I’m all about simplicity.  From my style to my hair care and makeup routine, I’m definitely a less is more kinda girl.  Partially because my mom was that way.  Blessed with great skin, she rarely left the house overly done up.  She simply straightened her hair added some eyeshadow and finished with mascara.  While in high school I could get away with such bare minimums as a glittery fuchsia lid and blue mascara, now, not so much. But the main reason my routine is simplistic is I’m lazy.  I bet you thought I was going to say because I’m beautiful the way I am.  Which is true but honestly I don’t have time to bake, strobe, contour, pop, sizzle and whatever else you’re supposed to do to fake perfect features.

90% of the time I don’t even bother with makeup. Not even so much as concealer and mascara.  You gasped didn’t you?  Like I said, I’m lazy.  I’d rather an extra 5-10 minutes of sleep.  But this laziness is the exact reason I’ve perfected getting out of the house looking flawless in under 15 minutes flat.  On the rare occasions I do bother, my routine looks a little like this:

1. Apply primer to clean a face. Another thing you should know about me is I’m not a brand snob.  I’ve tried expensive primers, but honestly E.L.F. has done just as good for less.

2. Sing to music to allow primer to set. Although this is probably more of an excuse to practice my karaoke jams than anything.

3. Apply tinted moisturizer using a buffing brush.  Because I use bareMinerals I try to use a brush as a makeup sponge tends to absorb more product than apply.  But if my skin is super dry, I’ll use a sponge or that weird triangle thing.

4. Cover any dark spots or pimples with concealer. Thankfully my skin has been pretty blemish free as I’ve gotten older but when one strikes, like any problem, I try to cover it up.


5. Add highlighter to cheeks with fan brush while dancing to music.

I mean who doesn’t want bust a move while transforming into a glazed donut.

6. Apply eye shadow.  Usually I stick with a shade with some shine the same color as my lid and a darker matte color in my crease.

7. Put on mascara without poking myself in the eye. Really we should get an award for that.

8.  Pick a lipstick.  This is totally optional but sometimes I put on some lipstick in a shade that matches my lips so they don’t appear washed out, especially in photos.

Honestly this routine takes me barely 5 minutes. Even with the dancing and singing.  It’s perfect for when you’re in a rush or if you’re a little lazy when it comes to makeup like me.  Check out my makeup picks and the how to video below!

**Photos by Moon Reflections Photography

Watch My How To Tutorial for Natural Looking Makeup

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