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-Now for the Style Q&A-

One thing I hear time and time again from my clients, and many other women for that matter, is that they want to look put together.  Having spent a life time, literally, using the trial and error method and even desperately turning to  hours upon hours of scrolling, saving and liking outfits on Pinterest and Instagram, a lot of women still can’t seem to find the right balance that makes them feel put together.

Isn’t that always the struggle.  A closet full of clothes that at one point you couldn’t leave the store without but now have no idea what to do with?  I’m sure you’ve seen those articles “”3 easy steps to looking put together” or “how to make an outfit in 5 minutes” and yet there you are, still you’re staring at your closet.

Looking put together isn’t just about picking a top, bottom, and pair of shoes that matches, it’s a feeling.  You don’t just want to look the part, you want to be it.  In order to truly look put together you first have to decide why you DON’T feel put together? Then you need to have clothes that work with your body, lifestyle and make you excited to get dress.  Also having a signature style or lookbook doesn’t hurt either.  I could go on but here are my quick tips to always look put together:

  • Start with the right foundation.  Not just for your face, more on that later, but make sure you have the right lingerie.  Nothing screams struggle bus like the outline of bra unintentionally showing through your shirt, or worse panty lines!  Grab something seamless if you’re wearing anything tight or headed to your 9-5.
  • Consider where you’re headed.  You won’t look out together walking into your business professional job wearing ripped jeans and a tee.  Keep in mind where you plan to be to sift through your options quicker.
  • Choose a top, bottom, or one piece that boosts your mood.  Don’t just settle with any old garment, and honestly on old garment shouldn’t even be in your closet.  Reach for a piece that makes you feel invincible.
  • Coordinate accordingly.  Let your add-ons mirror the piece you chose.  Whether it’s the color, texture, or the feeling it gives you.  You don’t to wear anything that doesn’t look like it fits.
  • Fake it till you make it.  The best thing about style is that it’s personal.  Even what some would consider unstylish others might think is the cat’s pajamas.  So make sure no matter what you choose you’re rocking it like it’s the dopest outfit you’ve ever worn.

Don’t get hung up on being too perfect.  Perfection, especially in style, is boring.  It’s more important to have an outfit with your personality written all over it.  Want more personalized help with looking put together, schedule a complimentary consultation today.  Otherwise learn how to perfectly accessorize your outfit.

Now I want to hear from you, Do you struggle with looking put together, if so why?

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