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-Now for the Style Q&A-

As we all know, accessories can make or break the outfit, yet many women still struggle to use them to take their outfit to the next level.  Accessorizing is an important element that all style mavens posses.  If you’re looking to join the model off duty league then it’s a skill you need to master, but no worries it’s not as hard as it looks.  Here are my no fail tips on how to accessorize:

  1. Choose versatile jewelry.  Just like your clothes, you want jewelry that works for a multitude of occasions.  It’s okay to have one or two statement pieces, but also have a few go-to pieces that go with everything.
  2. Think beyond jewelry.  Take advantage of alternative accessories like hats, scarves and even sunglasses to add some personality and knock your look up a notch.
  3. Don’t forget about your purses.  A lot of women grab a random bag without a thought that doesn’t even remotely go with their outfit.  Don’t be that girl, make sure you grab that works with what you’re wearing or even adds some extra oomph.
  4. Get your shoe game right.  Shoes are complicated and I’ll go into a full article on them another time, but in terms of accessories be sure that you rock shoes that are not only comfortable but bring your outfit together.

Remember the key is to stick to choose accessories not only are versatile, but speak to your personality.  Struggling to get your personal style in check, look at my post on how to define your personal style or schedule a consultation today!

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