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Dec 22, 2019 | Ways to Wear

I can’t believe we are just a little over a week away from New Years Eve and a whole new decade! What I love the most about New Years is that it’s the one time of year where being extra af, covered in sequins from head to toe is totally acceptable. Though sometimes it’s also a bit challenging because you want to find the perfect outfit to start the new year off right. Typically that means not being seen in the same thing you wore last year, no matter how much you love how you looked in it. But here’s the thing, you work so hard for your money and honestly this whole only wearing your statement pieces that you absolutely love, and feel amazing in, just a handful of times because of judgement from others needs to stop. Last year in an effort to help you guys, as well as myself, get over the negative stigma of re-wearing our favorite pieces I shared 3 ways to wear a sequins blazer. This year I’m sharing another ways to wear post with my New Year’s Even spin on this fall’s most unexpected color: hot pink.  So if you fell into the frenzy never fear, I’m sharing 3 ways on how to wear hot pink to ring the New Year, and decade, in style!

Statement Blazer + Velvet Pants

If you dove into the hot pink trend by adding a blazer to your wardrobe then this look is for you! Give your blazer a New Year’s Eve update by pairing it with velvet.  In this case I chose velvet pants but a dress would also be a great combo. It’s super chic while being ultra flattering. You could either wear the blazer as the top itself, keep the looks simple with a chic cami or go bold with a print or sequin bodysuit.  The choice is up to you!


Statement Pants + Shiny Heels

The idea of statement pants can feel very overwhelming, especially for pear shaped women who were told to avoid them like the plague for fear they’d make our hips look even bigger. So I decided to pair the hot pink pants from my suit with a simple cami. If you’re feeling bold then reach for a top that’s extra af or even use this opportunity try out color blocking. Personally I decided to give my look some New Year’s Eve vibes by pairing the outfit with my favorite bedazzled heels.


Bold Colored Suit

New Year’s Eve is definitely when you want to go bold so it’s the perfect time to reach for a suit in a fun color. If a suit feels too conservative adjust the blazer for an off the shoulder look or even opt for only buttoning the lower buttons to show off a lacy bra.  Add more sparkle and shine with some fun accessories or keep it minimal and chic like I did with some strappy sandals.  No matter which way you go you’ll definitely make a statement!


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