River Island Rust Vest Outfit

Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with vests for Fall, check out my tips on how to layer if you don’t believe me.  Vests are such a solid investment piece especially for the transitional months that can be worn both for work and on weekends.  Not only can they take your look from casual to professional but add an element of interest to an otherwise simple outfit.  When it comes to work wear I’m a firm believer that it should be simple but it should still be you.  Here are my tips on how to dress like yourself while still remaining work appropriate:

  1. Choose a base that makes you confident.  Whether it’s a blouse and slacks or something a little more relaxed, be sure that the foundation of your outfit fits, makes you feel good and is work appropriate.
  2. Pick shoes that aren’t boring.  Not everyone is as obsessed with shoes as I am, why they aren’t I will never understand, but don’t just throw on any old pair of shoes you see.  Find a pair with a fun print or unique structure that represents a part of you.
  3. Layer as you see fit.  Layers can be tricky because sometimes they serve as a statement piece while other times they are more for functional use like keeping warm.  If you choose to layer be sure it compliments your outfit rather than competes with anything you are wearing.
  4. Accessorize.  This is  a no brainer but definitely worth mentioning.  Though most offices are more conservative don’t think you can’t have fun with your accessories.  Find a watch with a design on the face or a well placed necklace given to you by someone special to finalize your look.

Even though many companies still enforce a more conservative dress code it is still possible to dress like yourself at the office.  The key is to make sure that each item you put on shares a little something about you, like choosing a functional jumpsuit over a pencil dress or adding a hint of leopard to show your wild side.  And don’t worry about standing out because people are going to judge what you’re wearing anyway so you might as well wear something that makes you feel good about yourself!

Comment below and tell me: Do you struggle with interjecting your personality in your work wear?

River Island Vest Details

River Island Vest Pose

River Island Vest Topshop Heels

River Island Vest Side Look

River Island Vest WalkingPhotos by Shanta Mac

River Island Vest via ASOS (similar vest)|Forever 21 Jumpsuit (similar jumpsuit)|Topshop Heels (similar heels)

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