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 Remember when the white vest was all the rage last year?  You couldn’t go on Instagram or Pinterest without seeing one, so you or a friend probably rushed out and bought one of your very own.  Then suddenly they disappeared and you were left with yet another garment gaining dust in the depths of your closet like many other trendy pieces before.  This doesn’t have to be the fate of your once coveted go-to items.  They can and should be re-worn over and over until they are either too damaged or no longer suit your style.

I wore this white vest almost the exact same way last year, with just a few slight changes to update the once trendy piece to make it something more timeless. I know what you’re thinking…what, a stylist re-wearing the same clothes AND styling it almost the exact same way, blasphemy?!?!  I purposefully did this for a few reasons:

  1. To show you that I am not above wearing the same outfit twice.  If an outfit looks good you should re-wear it as many times as you like, Instagram nay-sayers be damned!  What’s the point of finding the perfect outfit if you only wear it once, wedding dresses being an exception of course.
  2. To keep it real.  Most stylists don’t live the glamorous life as seen through Instagram or the magazines.  Like everyone else we are pressed for time and sometimes turning to old reliable, your go-to outfit, is what the day calls for.
  3. To inspire you.  There are subtle ways for you to update your go-to outfit so it doesn’t look the exact same while still getting a way with basically the same outfit like it did with my white vest.

The key to maximizing from within is to have a wardrobe filled with versatile pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.  This way you can get away with wearing practically the same outfit all week without it being obvious.  If you need help building a versatile wardrobe schedule a complementary consultation today!

Comment below and tell me: Do you have a hard time re-wearing outfits?

White Vest Look

White Vest Details

white vest outfit

white vest outfit idea All Photos by Kimberly Reed

Forever 21 Vest & Tank (similar vest)|H&M Pants|Marshall’s Purse (similar purse)|GoJane Heels (similar heels)

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