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As we get older going out becomes less about getting super drunk and more just about unwinding with your gal pals, although every now and then the two are one in the same.  Personally I think picking an outfit to go out was much easier back in college, I mean pretty much anything super tight that showed ample skin was the standard.  Now that I’m older, I like the idea of some mystery, giving a taste but not the whole show.  Some things I look for in a going out outfit are:

  1. Comfort.  I’m still a twenty-somthing, but I’m much smarter now than in college, thank goodness.  If I know I’m going to be dancing all night I make sure to pick shoes that are comfortable, which sometimes means forgoing heels, and opt for clothes that can handle my dance moves without fuss.
  2. Fit.  As you know by know, at least those of you who are familiar with my site, fit is EVERYTHING.  There is nothing that ruins a going out outfit more than something that is ill-fitting and that you have to keep adjusting all night.
  3. Subtlety.  I am all for women embracing their sexuality, but for me I’ve learned to draw the line.  There is such thing as showing too much skin.  A going out outfit should either show off your upper half or lower half, not both.

The main thing to remember is people are going to judge you no matter what you wear, so make sure when you step out of the house for your night out that you’re rocking an outfit that not only looks good but makes you feel good too!

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Comment below and tell me: Do you struggle with putting together a going out outfit, if so why?

Night Out Details

Night Out Look Walking

Night Out Face


Night Out Outfit Walking

Night Out Shoe Details

Night Out LookMISSGUIDED Shirt Dress(similar here)|Loft Belt|Love Cortnie Clutch (similar here)|ALDO Heels

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