How to style maxi shirt dress

Fun fact, did you know that this tunic is actually a maxi shirt dress?  That’s right, literally with a flick of my wrist, and a knot or two, I created an on trend mini dress/tunic out of a maxi dress.  That my friends is what happens when creativity meets versatility, like my post on how to make a faux romper!

When I first tried on this dress at Target I wasn’t too thrilled about the fit, and as you should know if you read Lil Miss JB Style regularly fit is EVERYTHING when it comes to style, sadly this shirt dress was a little shapeless and went down to past my knees.  But there was something about the pattern and fabric that made me start to search for other ways to wear it besides as is.  That’s when I got a little creative and found at least 6 other ways I could rock this bad boy with out having to get it tailored, talk about a win!

The point is majority of clothes are NOT made to fit you directly off the rack and that is okay!  What that means for you is that you either have to make the decision to leave it on the rack, get it tailored for a custom fit or find ways to wear it so that it looks flattering on your body.  Usually I would steer my clients away from buying garments that you have to fuss with since their re-wearability is limited, but if you really love a garment sometimes it’s okay to make an exception.  As long as you feel great about yourself, that’s all that matters!

Comment below and tell me: Do you struggle to find new ways to wear your clothes, why?

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Style a Target Maxi Shirt Dress

styling a maxi shirt dress

How to Restyle Maxi Shirt Dress Details

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