Feb 18, 2020 | Lifestyle

Every weekend without fail I wake up, scramble to throw on my coziest sweats so I can quickly let my dog out before actually get dressed, grabbing a book and my laptop and jetting off to a coffee shop for a latte. At first this little routine started as a way to get out of the house during my ACL recovery but since has turned into a ritual that I feel like I can’t be without. Between the smell of coffee, a flavorful latte and people watching I always leave fueled with a creative energy that I can’t wait to take advantage of. As we speak I’m sipping a rose latte at my go-to and there’s a meet up for introverts happening. And while I shouldn’t be, I am eavesdropping on their conversations which honestly has been really enlightening. Not to mention coffee shops are a perfect spot to chill out while getting outfit inspiration. I’m always fascinated by the different walks of life that coffee shops bring together so I figured why not share my favorite coffee shops in Royal Oak with you guys + some outfit inspiration for what to wear whether you’re going to work on things by yourself or meeting up with someone for a coffee date! 

New Order Coffee Roasters

New to the Royal Oak scene, New Order Coffee popped up over on Woodward a couple of months ago. Their interior is super crisp, lots of white which makes it perfect for cute coffee shots, but what really makes them unique is that they flavor and sweeten their lattes with marshmallows and honey! I’m a sucker for a good lavender latte which I opted for, but they also have some other truly different flavors worth checking out like the Mallow or Matcha latte. 


Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

This is my absolute favorite place to grab a coffee. Dessert Oasis Coffee in Royal Oak is located on Main street this coffee shop has the most flavorful lattes. They make their own syrups which is why I think their flavors are so delicious, plus this location has a larger offering of flavors than their downtown location. My personal favorites are the rose, lavender and hazelnut.  The other reason I really love this place is that in the mornings it’s much quieter than the other places which means less distractions. Another cool thing about this spot is they make crepes and cheesecake which is perfect for those of us with a sweet tooth! There’s also really plush green velvet couches to sit on as well which makes for really cute pictures if you can snag one.

Atomic Coffee

The OG, Atomic is truly a staple of Royal Oak. Also located on Main street what I love about Atomic is not only do they serve pastries but legit food also. So if you’re one who likes to have breakfast with their coffee then this is a great spot. They also make their own syrups and have a rotating latte of the season. Also I mean how photogenic is their display? The reason I’m not here more often is simply because it gets so crowded so quickly and I’ve had a few times where I’ve spent quite a while waiting around for my coffee since they call out by order instead of bringing it out to you meaning someone else swiped my latte thinking it was theirs. But those things aside I am usually here to pick up a quick bite for lunch, their California Turkey sandwich is perfection.



Proving Grounds

Also new to the scene, Proving Grounds is aesthetic goals! The wood throughout and string lights make this place super quaint. Like the other places they do make their own syrups but I do feel like they have the widest variety of flavors including golden milk and charcoal!  What makes Proving Grounds unique in my opinion is that it’s very family friendly! They have a little play area with toys for kids so it’s a perfect meet up spot for a playdate. They also serve food but so far the only thing I’ve really liked off their food menu has being their yogurt bowl which came in the cutest mason jar. 

Whether you’re a true coffee connoisseur or a latte lover like myself these places are definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the area!  If you live in Metro-Detroit be sure to share your favorite coffee shop in the comments below!

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