Mar 23, 2020 | Ways to Wear

I don’t know about you but when I obsess over a piece I find any and every excuse to wear it. Even with everything that’s going on I find it relaxing to pick out what I’m going to wear for the day as if I’m headed out into the world when I’m really just headed to my make shift home office. One such piece that I haven’t been able to get enough of is this croc textured brown leather jacket. I had been eyeing it up for some time and when it finally went on sale a few months ago I swiped it up!  The great thing about a brown leather jacket is just how versatile it is, especially for spring which is why I’m sharing a ton of ways to style it for the season. So if you happened to find one in your closet while you were cleaning to keep sane during your quarantine, I’ve got you covered on fresh ways to rock it this Spring.

A Casual Outfit Idea

The most straight forward way to wear a brown leather jacket is with jeans. Since I have a longer jacket with a looser fit I decided to pair it with some skinny jeans. If you want to keep the look simple you can opt for sneakers or black ankle booties but to really pack a punch try mixing in a pair of knee high boots.  Personally I have been loving mixing prints so I could miss a chance to mix this croc jacket with my snake print boots.


Elevated Casual

For a super fresh way to wear a brown leather jacket is to pair it with white. The texture of this jacket really spices up the all white look. To take the look down a notch a cute pair of white sneakers is always a safe bet! For something more work or evening appropriate then reach for some chic all white boots to help make you look taller and proportionate.

Non Boring Beige

Shades of beige is going nowhere but sometimes it feels like wearing that shade head to toe can look blah. Adding a textured brown leather jacket can freshen up the look while keeping a monochromatic feel. In this case since the jacket is longer I wore beige booties that matched my pants to give off the illusion that I have legs for days! Feel free to steal that style trick my friends.


Unexpected Pants

Most people play it safe but this look is an ode to the rule breakers out there. Have some fun by pairing your jacket with an unexpected pair of pants. These striped culottes really brighten up the jacket for Spring. I again opted for my white boots to give the look even more Spring vibes but swap them out for whatever feels more natural to you!


I’m not going to say I’m the queen of monochromatic looks but I know you guys weren’t surprised that this was coming. Rocking one color head to toe is hands down my favorite no fail way to look chic when you’re in a rush. There’s just something about it that’s always on point. It’s especially refreshing when it’s not an all black look. I did sneak in a few prints with my purse and shoes to add a touch of wild girl vibes, but this look would be perfect for the office or an interview.

Go Bold

This last look is for my maximalistas out there. What I love most about this brown leather jacket is it’s the perfect base for simple or extra look. I pulled out everything for this look: leopard print, snake print and faux fur bum bag goodness! It’s not the type of outfit you guys might be used to me wearing but you’re definitely going to see my more experimental side come out to play in  2020. The key to pulling off a look like this is keeping things within the same color scheme. Here it’s brown and black. And the browns are both similar and different enough that they don’t overwhelm you or feel flat. All and all I think I did the more is more crowd proud.

So if you were think about donating that brown jacket you found laying in the back of your closet, I hope this made you reconsider and experiment with other pieces in your wardrobe too!

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