Mix and Match

Feb 23, 2020 | Outfits


One print that’s gained a lot of traction in my wardrobe is houndstooth. It’s funny because it’s something that I never really considered buying until recently and now I’m unsure how I went so long without it. It’s really such a classic and versatile print that adds a lot of fun to a look. You guys have probably seen a lot of houndstooth outfit ideas with just a blazer or coat so I decided to really max out with this look. Fun fact is that these pieces were purchased at different times and aren’t actually a matching set, yet I love how they really compliment each other. It’s a weird talent that I have developed over my years as a blogger, finding pieces that could pass as a matching set even though they’re from different places. Instead of reaching for black pieces to finish off the look, which would be cute too, I decided to reach for white to really make the outfit pop! And during this time of year where you’re probably tired of seeing the sun shine only to walk outside and it’s blistering cold, an outfit that can brighten up your day is a must. I know I’m desperately yearning for warmer days that I know won’t get here any time soon so I’ve been heavily relying on my wardrobe as a way to brighten up my mood in the meantime because a great outfit really can transform how you feel!

What I’m Wearing

Zara Coat (Similar)|ASOS Sweater(Similar)|Zara Pants (Similar)|Forever 21 Boots (Similar)|NastyGal Purse (Similar)

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