It’s that time of year, the most wonderful time they say.  Where everywhere you look you’re bombarded with gift guides. Promises of the perfect holiday gift for even the most impossibly difficult person in your life. You know the one, the one that says things like “You don’t have to buy me anything, honest!”.  Proclamations from the highest, brightest most exta tree about where to score the best deals on the most lustworthy items.  Blah. Blah. Blah. You’ll notice that I’ve never done a gift guide here on Lil Miss JB Style.  One reason being that majority of them are click bait.  While they may seem good hearted most are designed to get you click on links and stack bloggers bank accounts.  Which is great as a blogger, but not so great for someone wanting to truly give the perfect gift. Now this isn’t true for every blogger, but c’mon how many lists have you seen with almost the same exact items on it?  My guess is a lot. Honestly I find them very impersonal. I’m a thoughtful person, or so I’ve been told.  The kind of person that knows you were looking for a specific cup at TJ Maxx so when I run across it while I’m out I buy you two.  So the idea of people giving gifts to their loved ones based on a disingenuous list of items really irks my soul.  That’s why in the spirit of the holidays I wanted to share my secret tips on how to truly figure out the perfect gift.  As someone who’s mom is the type of person that buys everything she wants and dad is someone who has given up materialism entirely, I’ve learned some tricks to still give them great gifts each holiday season.

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