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Don’t you just love when you get something new and you can’t help wear it all the time with everything.  The only thing I love more than that feeling is having an entire closet full of clothes that make me feel this way, like this beige longline vest.  Now styling a vest as a dress is nothing new on my blog, see how you can turn your coat into a dress.  But this vest makes it so much easier due to it’s built in belt.

I cannot stress the importance of investing in versatile clothes that inspire you.  It’s something I tell my clients, and you my dear friends, endlessly.  To really get the most bang for your buck and out of your wardrobe you need clothes that meet the following criteria:

  1. Fit your body as it is right now.
  2. Work with your lifestyle.
  3. Are easy to mix and match with each other.
  4. Represent your personality.

These are the key elements to looking put together 24/7.  Though it can feel like rocket science, it’s really as easy as looking for clothes in the order listed above.

Start with items that you feel incredible and confident in.  Determine if they work with what you spend most of your time doing and with what you already own.  Then just be sure it really feels like you.  Now this process can take some time, which is where the help of a wardrobe consultant can be helpful, but once you’ve got that down getting dressed will be a breeze.  See how else I’ve style this beige longline vest on Instagram. Still need more tips, check out how to look put together.

Now I want to hear from you, do you struggle to find clothes that are versatile?

H&M Beige Longlinge Vest Fashion Blog  H&M Beige Longlinge Vest Fashion Blog

H&M Beige Longlinge Vest Fashion Blog

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