2 Ways to Wear a Poncho this Fall|Lil Miss JB Style

As you’ve probably seen me say here on Lil Miss JB Style a million, gazillion fafillion times, versatility is the key to getting the most out of your wardrobe.  If you want to maximize what you already own not only is it important to choose garments that are versatile, but learning how to transition your clothes is just as important.  Versatile garments should be able to go from season to season as well as day to night like this poncho.   Transitioning your clothes from day to night doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose a garment that’s appropriate for your activities. It’s hard to transition a formal dress from day to night especially if you aren’t even going to a formal event.  Be sure that the garment(s) you choose work for your plans.
  2. Don’t over-think it.  Many people try too hard to make their outfits day time and night time appropriate when it could be as simple as choosing different pants or adding a blazer.
  3. Accessorize.  Set the tone of your look using jewelry, purses and shoes.  These little changes can have a great impact on transitioning your look.
  4. Don’t forget the make-up. Contrary to belief your make-up doesn’t have to be dramatic to make it night time appropriate, sometimes a bold lip or cat eye is more than enough for the occasion.

There are many ways to wear a poncho and take it not only from season to season but day to night with ease.  As long as keep those tips in mind and wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, that’s really all that matters!  See my tips on how to dress for a night out in winter and tips on casual dressing.

Comment below and tell me: What’s your favorite transitional piece for fall?

Poncho 2

Lil Miss JB Style Poncho 3

Poncho 5

Lil Miss JB Style Poncho

JCPenney Coat (similar coat)|Tahiri Poncho|A.N.A. Jeans (similar jeans)|Target Shoes (similar shoes)

Poncho 6

Poncho 7Tahiri Poncho (similar poncho)|Necessary Clothing Dress (similar dress)|Charlotte Russe Heels (similar heels)|Topshop Clutch (similar clutch)


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