Let’s face it, when in doubt black is such a great and easy fallback that looks good on everyone.  Even better than the fact that black makes you look BOMB.COM it’s appropriate for every occasion.  Just like with any other monochrome outfit, there is a catch, the key to keep from looking drab in a black monochrome is to add something unexpected.  Here are 5 different ways to wear all black this winter that aren’t boring:

  1. Pair a turtleneck with wide leg pants and layer with a blanket scarf for warmth.

    13 Ways to Wear All Black Lil Miss JB StyleBlankie

2. Rock a mock neck midi dress and pair it with a bold clutch for a sophisticated look.

13 Ways to Wear All Black Lil Miss JB StyleMidi Dress

3.  Wear an off the shoulder sweater with a pair of joggers for a chic weekend look.

13 Ways to Wear All Black Lil Miss JB StyleTuxedo

4.  Layer a longline blazer or jacket over a crop top and high waist pants combo for an easy night out look.

13 Ways to Wear All Black Lil Miss JB StyleBlack

5.  Grab a fur stole to add some texture to your all black look.

13 Ways to Wear All Black Lil Miss JB StylePlunge

The great thing about wearing all black is that it allows you to share a bit of yourself with the world, and makes getting dressed a breeze.  Some things to keep in mind when picking out an all black outfit to share your next masterpiece are:

  • Proportions.  Make sure that no matter what base you choose for the season it makes your body look balanced both vertically and horizontally.
  • Versatility.  When you’re picking the perfect all black look make sure that it’s in a style that can be worn for several different occasions, this is the KEY to maximizing your wardrobe.
  • Comfort.  Of course it is important to make sure that whatever garment you decide on is and makes you feel comfortable!  If you want more personalized styling tips take a look at my services and schedule your consultation today!

 Think of your all black look as a clean slate to share anything you want, whether it’s edgy, refined, or quirky don’t be afraid to express yourself, it is your body after all!


5 Ways to Wear All Black Lil Miss JB Style

All Black Outfit Ideas

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