How to Wear a Knit Skirt Lil Miss JB Style

Have you ever spotted one of your favorite blogger’s in an awesome outfit combo, searched relentlessly to find a piece to incorporate into your wardrobe only to discover it doesn’t work for you?  I won’t lie, it’s happened to me more times that I care to share and it can be super frustrating right?  But knowing how to take outfit inspiration from others and make it work for you is key to keeping our style fresh.  So today I wanted to share some tips on how to use outfit inspiration to step up your wardrobe:

  1. Pay attention to what you actually like about the outfit.  Sure the whole thing probably looks flawless, but what is it specifically about the look that you’re lusting over.  Is it a color combination, the material or just the way she looks when wearing the outfit?
  2. Break down what parts of the look will and won’t work for you.  Let’s be honest, not all clothes look flattering on everyone.  When looking at your outfit crush note what will work with your body and what won’t, like a front tuck or thigh slit.
  3.  Shop your closet to recreate the outfit with what you already own.  So many people run to the store and buy something brand new to copy an outfit when odds are you probably have something similar thrown in the back of your closet.  Be sure to see what you already own before buying something you don’t need and probably won’t wear.
  4. Put your own spin on the look.  Truly stylish people never copy an outfit exactly.  Though they may have the same color palette and silhouette they add an accessory or piece that resonates with their personal style.

 The trick is to take your outfit inspiration and adapt it to your body and style to make it work for you.  This is especially important when incorporating trendy garments.  You want to be sure you find a way to wear a knit skirt, or any trendy item, a timeless yet unexpected way that will make it last from season to season.  Need help on how to style your clothes, schedule your complementary consultation today and get started on the road to a more stylish you!

Now I want to hear from you, comment below and tell me: Would you wear a knit skirt?

  How to Wear a Knit Skirt Lil Miss JB Style

How to Wear a Knit Skirt Lil Miss JB Style

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