TOBI Wrap Dress Lil Miss JB Style

The one thing I love about us women is that we are multifaceted.  We have the ability to mold ourselves for what certain situations call for, or simply because we feel like it.  We can be reserved yet have this wild side that we choose to let out.  At least that’s how I felt in this TOBI wrap dress.

Typically I shy away from overly revealing clothes.  One because most of it involves being bra-less or showing cleavage, which I am severely lacking.  But two because the overt sex appeal tactic actually doesn’t make me feel all that sexy.  I feel sexier when I leave a little something to the imagination.  A dress that’s fitted but not tight enough to show every curve.  That plunges but still covers the girls.  A revealing back to show off your first tattoo.  The wrap detail that shows a little leg but really is perfect for busting moves on the dance floor while keeping you covered.

When it comes to dressing “sexy” the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.  So many times we sacrifice our comfort level for sex appeal.  Whether it’s because we want to fit in with everyone else or to attract male attention, I cannot say.  But the only opinion that you should be focused on is yours.  So don’t step out of your house in an outfit that makes you feel anything less than amazing!  What more night out inspiration, check out my other night out look.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your go to night out look that makes you feel incredible?

TOBI Wrap Dress Lil Miss JB Style

TOBI Wrap Dress Lil Miss JB Style

TOBI Wrap Dress Lil Miss JB Style

TOBI Wrap Dress Lil Miss JB StylePhotos by Mar Mnz. This post was done in sponsorship with TOBI and contains sponsored links from TOBI, all opinions are my own.

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