Earlier this year I vowed to stop buying clothes full price.  While I’d like to say that I’ve held true to my convictions, I’m sad to report that I fell victim to the fast fashion buy now mentality more times than I’d care to admit this year.  Thankfully Thanksgiving is just around the corner so there’s still a chance for me to finish out the year strong by taking advantage of the Black Friday deals.  For most of us the biggest struggle with Black Friday is figuring out if you’re really getting a steal versus being played.  I mean after all it’s fairly well known that some stores will raise the price of their products a few weeks before the holidays so that the mark down price on Black Friday will be what the product was initially retailing for in the first place.  The best way for you to really take advantage of Black Friday deals is to use a website that tracks the prices of products you’re interested in buying.  Personally I love Shoptagr for keeping track of all the pieces I want to get on sale.  I can save items straight from a retailer’s website in the color and size I want then Shoptagr sends me real-time notifications when the price drops, if it sells out, or when it’s restocked plus it’s free to use!  By using a price tracking site you can compare the prices of the same item side by side and see who ultimately has the best deal which will ultimately save you money in the long run.  The only downside is that not every retailer is supported on Shoptagr, but look around for a site that works best for you and what you’re shopping for.  Keep scrolling to see what I’m hoping to buy this Black Friday!

What I’m Wearing

ASOS Earrings | H&M Suit | Anuja Tolia Jewelry | Kate Spade Purse | Aldo Slides

Check Out What I Hope to Buy This Black Friday

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