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Even though it’s officially December, the weather here in Michigan is still trying to hang on to the last bits of fall, which I completely appreciate.  With the impending winter right on the horizon it will be time to swap our lighter trench coats for something a little more resilient.  Learning how to pick a winter coat that works with your style is an important skill to have when you live in a place that gets to temperatures where wearing a coat is no longer optional.  With all the different styles, colors and patterns it can be a little daunting choosing a coat that will be versatile, but with a little help from your friendly stylist it can be a breeze.  Here are my tips on how to pick a winter coat no matter what your style:

  1. Start with your personal preferences.  Think about what you need and want out of your coat, those should be your top priority.  If you want it a certain length, to be made of a certain material, or have special detailing put those things first and foremost.
  2. Pay attention to fit.  Since the winter is all about layering, keep in mind that you will want to be able to rock a hoodie, long sleeve and maybe even more under your coat.  Be sure you pick one that works for all the layers you plan to wear while still working with your body.
  3. Think versatility.  The great thing about a coat is you really only need it for one season, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile.  Make sure you consider what’s already in your closet and pick a winter coat that compliments what you have.

Just like any layering piece, it’s good to have more than one option to reach for.  I personally like to have two classic coats that I can rotate between for work and two or three bolder coats that can punch up a basic outfit. The key is to pick a winter coat that works for your lifestyle, your body and makes you feel like a million bucks, because a versatile coat is the best way to stay stylish in the coming cold months.  See how else you can style a camel coat.

Comment below and tell me: What is your favorite kind of winter coat?

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