Navy Monochrome Outfit by Detroit Fashion Blogger

No one likes to look basic right?  At least not those of you reading this anyways. But everyone struggles with how to take their look to that next level.  While I do enjoy a good jumpsuit to make a statement, I also realize that’s not everyone’s style.  Something far more practical is using unexpected accessories.  Instead of just rocking my coat and jeans, I added this navy fur stole to spice out my outfit.  Don’t worry it’s totally fake fur, I triple checked.  But choosing this piece over a scarf gives my outfit something totally unexpected.  So how do you choose the right accessories to transform your look from basic to boss status?

  1. Play with color.  If you read my post on how to add color to your wardrobe, then you’ll know the importance experimentation.  Pick a color you want to add then focus on finding the perfect pieces in that color.  It also helps to have multiple outfits in mind to ensure the colored piece will fit in seamlessly with your wardrobe.
  2. Try new textures.  Mixing textures is an easy way to elevate any look.  Especially a monochrome one.  Don’t be afraid to mix fur with denim and calf hair to give your outfit depth.  Just like adding color, focus on a specific texture and look for pieces that really speak to your style.
  3.  Be brave.  90% of the time if you’re drawn to an unexpected piece it’s for a reason.  Instead of shying away from these pieces embrace them!  These urges are trying to help you discover your true style.  You need to trust your instincts about what you gravitate towards and be open to incorporating it into your wardrobe.

Though building a mindful wardrobe involves some level of planning, there is some room for spontaneity.  The key when you find these unexpected pieces is to approach them thoughtfully.  Be sure you can make it work with what you already own.  And if you find you haven’t worn it within the first 14 days take the time to return it and get your money back.  Then be sure to document somewhere in your mind, or on paper, that those types of items aren’t really your style.  This will make you more critical of how new pieces will work with your wardrobe while helping you hone your style.

Faux fur stole navy details

Banana Repulic Navy Fur Stole by Detroit Fashion Blogger

Navy outfit idea Detroit Fashion Blog

Navy Calf Hair Heels by Detroit Fashion Blogger

Navy Winter Outfit with Faux Fur Stole

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If you’re loving this navy fur stole and wanting even more inpso, of the faux fur variety of course, check out how else you can style a fur stole.  Loving my coat?  See my casual pinstripe coat outfit.





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    • Jordan Blackwell

      Thank you so much Elise!

  1. My Shopping Diet

    You are rocking this look girl! Faux fur always seems to intimidate me, but you look amazing!

    • Jordan Blackwell

      Don’t let it intimidate you, it’s just like wearing a fuzzy scarf 🙂

  2. Rhonda Swan

    Wow,very beautiful. Way to rock the look and be unstoppable!


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