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Let’s face it, they’re everywhere.  On your timeline, in your magazines, all over the advertisements, in your dreams!  I mean it’s really hard to look around and not see “It Girls”.  Now don’t get me wrong, majority of “It Girls” have worked very hard to achieve their status and place in fashion, but “It Girls” are useless when it comes to personal style.

Did you let out a huge gasp, even contemplate hitting the little “x” to close out my page?  Before you do, hear me out.  The problem with all these “It Girls” whether they be models or bloggers alike is that they are being used as a marketing tool.  I mean let’s be honest most of your Instagram feeds probably look more like magazine ads than real life.  That’s because brands are sponsoring these “It Girls” to wear their clothes and take irresistible pictures that makes you crave their exciting life instead of your “average” one. This leads to a lot of issues.

  Instead of being thankful, many women compare their lives and begin to devalue all their great accomplishments.  With the rise of social media, more and more people are finding themselves depressed and stressed because we think that we need to be and do more with our lives due to all the glamorous photos that others share.  When you don’t feel good about yourself, your style suffers.  You stick to what’s safe and don’t try new things.  Ultimately you lose interest in looking good altogether because you feel like you can never measure up to the “It Girls”, which is TOTALLY not true!

Women who idolize “It Girls” struggle with their personal style.  This is for a few reasons:

  1. Many “It Girls” style is the actually pretty similar since they are getting many of the same brands to sponsor them.
  2. Women are too busy trying to copy exactly what the “It Girls” are wearing, all those Who What Wear articles don’t really help, and end up wasting money on clothes that don’t work with their body or style.

“It Girls” should be looked at for inspiration not outfit instructions, but the way most women are wired today they can’t tell the difference which is why “It Girls” are pretty much useless when it comes to personal style.  Instead of looking to “It Girls” for how to dress and giving up your individuality, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I love the way I look and feel in this outfit?”  If the answer is anything other than yes, change!  No matter how good Olivia Palermo looked in a similar outfit.  How YOU feel and how YOU think you look is ALL that matters when it comes to personal style.  When you love the way you look, you feel good and with that confidence you become even more awesome than those boring old “It Girls”!

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Leah {Beauty and the Muse}

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it girls walking still 1All Photos by Scott Mitchell of Worldiction

H&M Hat (similar hat)|Forever21 Dress |Charlotte Russe heels (similar heels)

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