Even though it’s 2015 there are still several jobs in today’s work force that still require more business professional attire, sadly, but that doesn’t mean that your 9-5 suit has to be boring.  In this video I share some fun and easy ways to help you step your suit game up in a conservative office.  A few things I did want to mention are these tidbits on choosing the right suit for you and your job:

  1. Keep Your Environment In Mind.   The first thing when choosing a suit is to consider what your job’s expectations are.  If you’re in a more conservative office it’s best, though not nearly as fun, to stick to neutral shades like black, grey and navy.  Don’t let the neutrals keep you in a rut, refresh your look by wearing fresh silhouettes that are chic yet professional.
  2. Consider Your Body Type.  Another important aspect of choosing a suit is how to balance out your proportions, both vertically and horizontally of course, to look put together.  This will help you not only to find a flattering suit, but break out of the standard combinations that may not be suited, ha-ha suited…you caught that right, for your body.
  3. Daily Activities.  One of the biggest things people forget to take into account is what they do at their job on a day to day basis.  If you’re walking around 24/7 working up a sweat heavy fabrics and fussy silhouettes are a no go.  Also keep in mind any activities that you do with your work clothes on before and after work as well because the right suit can easily transition into an after 5 look.

For more tips on how to dress for your 9-5 make sure you check out my Work Wear video series on YouTube.  If you want more personalized advice check out my styling services and schedule your consultation today!

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Comment below and tell me: What are some things you struggle with when choosing the right suit?