Usually I tend to steer away from color, simply for the fact that I am drawn towards colors that are bright and can’t be remixed easily with my wardrobe.  Garments in bold colors, like this yellow shift dress, are the hardest because they are memorable meaning that you can’t wear it too often without people noticing.  That shouldn’t stop you from rocking bold colors and prints without shame though!  When incorporating pieces like this into your wardrobe keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose a color or print that plays well with what you already own.  Don’t waste your money buying something that doesn’t go with your clothes because then you’ll waste more money buying clothes for that specific item.
  2. Make sure it works for your lifestyle.  If you work in a conservative office, a yellow shift dress probably isn’t the best choice.  Keep the dress codes of your daily activities in mind.
  3. Pick colors or patterns that work with your body.  Fit is one of the most important elements of style, but right behind that is colors that work with your skin and patterns that work in favor of your curves.

If you’re looking to introduce color into your wardrobe don’t be afraid to go big, but if that’s too overwhelming try colors in more muted tones like navy, mustard, or burgundy.  As always getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to refine your style and is something you should do often.  No matter what you wear be sure that you not only like what you see in the mirror but feel good as you walk out the door to take on the day!

Comment below and tell me: Would you rock a yellow shift dress?

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