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Gals, and guys if you’re reading, I’m going to say something that might ruffle some feathers, but I feel it needs to be said.  Buying designer clothes at full price is, unless you’re celebrity status or your crowd is very very into fashion, a waste of money, especially if you’re only doing it to peacock, there I said it.  If there is one thing I can’t stand, besides bloggers wearing entire outfits that are c/omore on that another day, is seeing someone adorned in an outfit entirely made up of designer clothes that costs an entire family vacation.

As much as I appreciate designers and fashion, to me there is no logical justification for wearing a car down payment out and about running errands or a night club, especially when you can find vintage clothing in local thrift stores.  Now I am by NO means saying that you should skimp on quality by buying clothes at fast fashion stores.  I’m simply saying that it is possible to find quality pieces at bargain prices.

I am a huge advocate for scouting out vintage clothing at an affordable price which is why I am very into thrift store shopping, but you have to be tactful otherwise you can fall victim to looking as though you do indeed get all your clothes from a thrift store.  My top tips for thrift store shopping are:

  1. Shop at thrift stores in areas with high end stores near-by.  This will increase the likelihood of you finding an awesome designer piece for a steal.  Although this step isn’t entirely necessary as I found this Ralph Lauren top originally worth $210, tags still on, at a local thrift store in my hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin.
  2. Patience.  Even when we go to retail stores with a specific garment in mind, doesn’t guarantee that we are going to find exactly what we set out to buy.  This is especially true of thrift stores.  It really is like searching for a needles in a haystack.
  3. Pay attention to the material.  Read the labels on the inside of a garment to make sure you’re buying quality fabrics like silk, cashmere and leather.
  4. Don’t buy it unless you love it.  It’s easy when designer clothes are within your price range to simply add to your cart, but even if something is on sale you shouldn’t buy it unless you truly love it, it fits your lifestyle, and your personal aesthetics.

Remember just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a steal if it’s just going to sit in your closet and not get worn.  Make sure that whatever you add to your wardrobe is of value and that you’re just not buying designer clothes for the sake of owning designer pieces.  If you find you keep adding things that just gather dust, schedule a consultation and let me help you!  Otherwise check out my other look featuring this awesome thrifted Ralph Lauren top and keep scrolling for my outfit details.

Comment below and tell me: What are your thoughts on buying designer versus second hand?

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thrifted outfit

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thrifted topThrifted Ralph Lauren Top (similar here)|Love Culture Shorts (similar here)|Steve Madden Purse|Marshall’s Loafers (similar here)

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