In college the go-to outfit for a night out was either a bodycon dress or crop top and mini skirt combo, because when you’re younger you truly believe that sexiness is equivalent to how much skin you showed.  These days I love wearing outfits that leave a little bit more to the imagination, like this two piece dress.  My favorite thing about the two piece look is it that it’s a hybrid version of the bodycon dress and crop top with a mini skirt that’s more grown up.  The other great thing about this two piece dress it that it can act as separates to give it even more wear-ability depending on your wardrobe needs.  If you’re looking to add one of these babies to your closet but don’t know how, here are my tips for making the best choice:

  1. Define your style preferences.  As with anything that comes into your closet, it needs to fit your style preferences.  Whether that means it needs to be looser, have longer sleeves, or a shorter hemline, these are all things you should consider before starting your hunt.
  2. Find one that works for your activities.  Just because it covers your cleavage or bum while you’re standing still, doesn’t mean it fits.   Move around in the fitting room the same way you plan to be moving at the club, especially if you plan on dropping it low.  You want to be sure that you won’t have to fuss with your dress while you’re trying to bust a move on the dance floor.
  3. Make sure it works with accessories you already own.  The great thing about a dress is that it’s a throw on and go outfit, but you still need shoes, jewelry and potentially a jacket depending on the weather.  Choose a dress that will go perfectly with add-ons that you already own to save money.

With a trendier item like this, if you want it to have longevity in your wardrobe it’s best to choose either classic colors or a classic cut.  Most importantly you want it to be authentically you because when you look good, you feel good and there’s no better style than that!  See how you can make your own two piece outfit.

Comment below and tell me: Are you a fan of the two piece dress?

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