After many demands from my IG community I’ve finally gotten my life together enough to share how I stay motivated to work out.  If you don’t follow me on the Gram or peep my Instastories then you probably didn’t know that I workout 4-6 times a week. Even now as I recover from my acl surgery.  While I used to hit up the gym, these days my workouts are all done at home.  You can see my routines on my Fitness Instastory highlights. But what most of you guys are telling me is that you find it hard to stay motivated and you want know what my secret is? How in the heck do I stay motivated to get my sweat on 4-6 times a week?  So here are 7 things that help me to stay consistent with my workouts.
3. I quit expecting to be excited to go
Fun fact: I’m usually not head over heels about going to the gym.  Most of the time I have to hype myself up, put on my gym clothes and just force myself out of the door. One thing you have to accept is that you’re not always going to look forward to the gym and that’s okay! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go, unless your body is physically trying to tell you that you need rest.
4. I stopped making the gym optional
Most people wait for motivation to inspire them to take action but did you know that taking action first actually leads to motivation?  This is why I stopped making my workouts optional. My mantra is if I am able to make it to work I am able to go to the gym and work out.  While you may not be motivated to go that day, pushing through and going anyways will actually cause you to be motivated to continue going.
7. Stop expecting perfection
Don’t let Wale fool you, you need to, and will, take days off.  For me it’s not a specific day of the week but when my body tells me I need to.  If I’m overly tired on a Thursday I’ll skip the gym for a nap instead. It’s about finding the right balance and not beating yourself up when you miss a day or two.
1.  I found my jam
What does that even mean?  It means that I found a type of workout that I enjoy doing.  So often people go to the gym and force themselves to do something, anything!  Instead you should be trying out various things to see what kinds of workouts bring you joy.  I Crossfit, which I realize isn’t for everyone and I definitely something I don’t force onto people.  My advice is to find your jam and roll with it because you’ll be way more likely to continue working out if you enjoy it.
2.  I got into a routine
Another thing that has helped is to make the gym part of my daily routine.  I get home from work, let Ana out, change and head to the gym. Almost like clock work.  So much so that it’s now a habit and on the days I don’t go it actually feels like I’m missing something.
5. Never take more than 2 days off
It only takes our body 3 days to get out of shape.  So as a personal rule I don’t allow myself to take more than two days off in a row.  This way I know I’ll work out at least three times a week and I won’t have to go through the struggle of feeling out of shape and being extra sore.
6. Quit waiting for Monday and be flexible
Something that’s really made a huge difference not just in my workouts but in life is to stop waiting for tomorrow.  Every single second is an opportunity for a fresh start. Just because you didn’t work out this Monday doesn’t mean you should wait until next Monday to go.  Or just because you have an event after work doesn’t mean you can’t still can’t go to the gym later that evening.

Truthfully motivation is such a fickle thing. I’ve learned it’s not to be trusted when it comes to my health because if I only worked out on the days I was motivated, I would seldom make it to the gym. Instead I’ve relied on discipline to help me stay in shape. If you’re curious about what I eat in a day and my weekly workout schedule check out this post. Otherwise leave me a note below on what keeps you motivated to hit the gym.

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