H&M Split Leg Pants Lil Miss JB Style

In a previous life, also known as my transition year into the real world, I was always split on what I should wear.  Torn between what I actually liked and what I thought I should be wearing.  Have you ever experienced that?  Wishing you were rocking an epic pair of silk split leg pants instead of a boring pair of jeans?  But still you choose the safer option to avoid being judged.  We’re human and succumbing to society’s expectation happens, but for some of us it’s more of a habit than a rare occurrence.

Breaking this habit can seem nearly impossible, especially if you work at a more conservative 9-5, but it’s a lot simpler than you think.  The hardest part is giving yourself permission to wear and purchase these items.  Many times we struggle to justify buying or wearing seemingly extravagant clothes because society, and sometimes our inner self, guilts us into thinking we aren’t worthy of these things.  But after all you’ve been through to get to where you are now, you need to realize that you are more than deserving to wear something that makes you look and feel incredible.

I’ll be honest it was difficult when I first started wearing the clothes that made me happy.  The looks I got walking down the street, the occasional point and whisper almost made me relapse into my boring old wardrobe.  But what I quickly found out was that those people were envious.  Wanting to know where I got my pants from, how I looked so put together, just generally wanting to know who I am and what it is that I do.  Once you give yourself permission to do amazing things, dress impeccably, the rest will fall into place.  See how else I rocked bold wide leg pants.

Now I want to hear from you, do you find that you’re torn between what you want to wear and what you end up wearing?

H&M Split Leg Pants Lil Miss JB Style

H&M Split Leg Pants Lil Miss JB Style   H&M Split Leg Pants Lil Miss JB Style

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