F21 Shopping Guide


It’s about that time again for me to share with you this month’s shopping guide!  This week I’ll be helping you navigate the maze that is one of my favorite fast fashion stores, Forever 21. I’ll give you some shopping tips to help you divide and conquer Forever 21 like a pro so you end up the perfect picks for your wardrobe! I will start by saying honestly I’ve found myself shopping less and less at Forever 21 these days for various reasons, the main one being their current clothing hardly seems to fit me the way I’d like, but this Forever 21 shopping guide has helped me find pieces I love and will help you too!

Reasons Why I Love Forever 21

  1. Lower price range
  2. Great place to find trendy and statement pieces
  3. Variety in clothing styles (work wear, urban, preppy, boho, etc.)
  4. Offer plus size and mens clothing
  5. You can return items purchased online in-stores
  6. Fun accessories

Things to be Wary of

  • Shoes are generally uncomfortable and break easily
  • Online shopping
    • Have to spend $50 for free shipping
    • No free returns
  • Quality varies
    • Be sure the check the seams for any loose stitching or frayed hems
  • Items can have an unflattering fit for those with bigger busts or rear end (which is a downer for us curvy girls who aren’t plus size)
  • Shopping in-store can be a chore because it’s usually unorganized and crowded
  • Return Policy, no cash refunds so you have to be sure you love the stuff you buy because otherwise you’ll get stuck with a gift card




Things I look to Buy

  • Blouses
  • Graphic Tees, Tanks and Sweatshirts
  • Hats, Purses
  • Blazers
  • Basic Going Out Wear (Bodycon Skirts and Crop Tops)


Comment below and tell me: Are you a Forever 21 fan, why or why not?

*Photos by Briana Lung.  I would like to express that this is NOT a sponsored post, these views are based off of my own experience.