NYFW Group Shoot 2 Smiles

With NYFW finally at a close, so too must come the end of my collab with Beauty & the Muse, Chic in the Tropics and MafiaMel.  A moment of silence if you will.  So I’m sure you’re thinking “that’s cool and all JB but what did any of that have to do with me”? Well let me tell you.  The biggest take away from NYFW, especially from the street style is to be comfortable not only in saying this is who I am, but wearing it proudly as well.

Honestly both my jumpsuit look and this one were definitely out of the norm from my everyday style, but they also did express a part of me that was bursting to get out.  A lot of the times when I first meet people I am reserved, but once we get past that first meeting awkwardness I come with the jokes and good times which I think both looks showed.  It’s taken me a long time to be comfortable with who I am, as I discussed in my swim suit post, but now that I’m becoming more comfortable in my skin I can do so with my style as well.  I’m no longer afraid to turn heads and get second glances when I walk around in an outfit that some consider “extra” because I’m finally okay with expressing myself.

The point is that the key to killer personal style, and NYFW street style, is confidence.  When you’re comfortable with who you are, you can begin to express that person to those around you through your style.  Be bold, be bright, be minimal, be whatever you want as long is it represents you!

Comment below and tell me: Do you struggle with confidence in your clothes, if so why?

NYFW Group Shoot 2 1

NYFW Shoot 2

NYFW Group Shot Walking Towards

Jumpsuit Shoes

Stylish SlayPhotos by Scott Mitchell of Worldiction

Check out this awesome video my friend Nigel Agboh put together of some behind the scenes from our collab!

**DISCLAIMER** I apologize for the graphicness of the music, it was chosen by the videographer.

See my NYFW outfit, Eden’s outfit, Leah’s outfit and Melissa’s outfit too!

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