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I can’t believe we are half way through November and it got all the way up to 65 degrees over the weekend here in Michigan.  Then again, erratic weather is nothing new for us northerners.  On those warmer fall days I like to reach for my old standby, denim.  There are so many great things about denim, the major on being that it is no longer limited to just jeans.  Just as much as I love a great fitting pair of jeans, which is VERY hard to come by as a pear shape, I  love a good chambray top just as much and mixing the two, between you and me if it weren’t for my 9-5 I’d probably wear a denim jumpsuit all the time.  Let’s face it, mixing chambray with denim can be a little tricky, we see how horribly it went for JT back in the 90’s, but here are some tips to keep your Canadian tux stylish:

  1. Choose your shades wisely.  If you’d like to give your body some shape mix the washes of your chambray and denim for a color blocked look that accentuates the right curves.  If you’re looking to elongate your torso and appear taller stick to similar shades for a monochromatic outfit.
  2. Pump up the volume with chic shoes.  When creating a monochrome look, use your shoes to set the tone of your outfit.  Prints and bold colors keep your outfit playful while more muted shades make the look classic.
  3. Use accessories to finalize your outfit. Once you’ve chosen shoes to set the tone, use your accessories as an exclamation point for your chambray and denim look.

When you think of creating a chambray and denim look in the same way as a monochromatic or color-blocked outfit, it makes the process a lot easier.  Just remember lighter colors expand while darker shades minimize.  As with any ensemble the goal is to not only look good, but to feel great too!  See how I rocked a Canadian tux this time last year.

Comment below and tell me: Do you like to wear chambray and denim together?

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denim on denim details

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denim on denim outfitPhotos by Shanta Mac

Target Top (similar top)|H&M Jeans (similar jeans)|Forever 21 Earcuff (similar earcuff)|ASOS Clutch|Topshop Heels (similar heels)|ALDO Cuff

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