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I’m sure you’ve seen those articles “10 Basics Every Woman Must Own” or “Wardrobe Essentials That You Have to Buy”.  Between you and me, those lists are a load of crap!  I mean let’s face it, we are all different and to simplify our needs down to a list of “basics” is silly.  What works for some doesn’t work for others because our bodies, personalities and lifestyles vary!  It’s not to say that every women should have a set of basics, I mean they are the building blocks of a versatile wardrobe, but what I consider to be my basics would not be the same pieces that another person considers as theirs.

The beauty of basics is that, much like a blank canvas, you can use them as the foundation for a variety of outfits. Now we’ve all heard or referred to someone’s look as “basic”, but for those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s just another word for simple or pedestrian, think plain tee, jeans and flip flops.   The key is to wear your basics without looking basic.  Here my tips to help you avoid wearing a basic outfit:

  1. Accessorize.  This should be no surprise, accessories from hats to purses or shoes are a great way to put your personality into an outfit.  Make sure that if you’re wearing basic clothing that you have an accessory that makes a statement.
  2. Non Basic Basics.  Find basics garments that aren’t exactly basic.  Pick white buttons ups with subtle detailing or jeans with a unique design.  These pieces do double duty because they can be dressed up to emphasize their details or dressed down to be an elevated basic like my wrap top.
  3. Styling.  Instead of simply wearing a button up and jeans, try a front tuck or cuffing your sleeves.  Think of creative ways to style your basics to give them more interest like I did with my DIY crop top.

Basics are a necessity for everyone’s wardrobe, the hard part is figuring which pieces in your closet serve that purpose.  When deciding which clothes are your basics keep in mind items that you wear often, fit your lifestyle, and have versatility like jeans or slacks.  From there it’s just about how to inject your personality into the outfit.

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Basic Outfit Close Up

Basics Details Shot

Basics Look

Basics Outfit Lean

Basics Outfit Look

Basics Outfit SittingForever 21 Hat (similar here)|Ralph Lauren Glasses via Marshall’s (similar here)|Ann Taylor Shirt (similar here)|Gap Jeans (similar here)|Vince Camuto Heels via DSW (similar here)|Rebecca Minkoff Purse via Saks Off 5th (different color here)

See how else to style your basics without looking basic:

Skinny Jeans, Shirt Dress, Sweater, Chambray Top

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