Tory Burch

Dec 8, 2019 | Collabs

A few weekends ago I hosted a preview event for the Tory Burch holiday collection at Somerset mall. I won’t lie, Tory Burch always seemed like a mom brand to me. Growing up I distinctly remember all the popular girls’ moms had Tory Burch bags and sandals. Even the ads I saw in magazines and on Instagram made me feel like it wasn’t a brand for me. So much so that the only time I ever set foot in a Tory Burch store was because I had smelled their Endless Love perfume in a magazine. I literally went in, immediately asked for the perfume, bought it and left. I didn’t even bother to look around. So I was really surprised when the Somerset location reached out to me to host a sip and preview event. To be honest I was going to turn down the opportunity. Partially because I felt that it might seem disingenuous since I don’t own anything besides perfume from Tory Burch but I was also afraid it would be like most events where customer service hovered over you really uncomfortably as you looked around looking for opportunities to close a sale. And I definitely didn’t want an event I hosted to have that vibe. But after meeting with the store and really looking at the merchandise I instantly knew it would be something that you guys would actually love. And from all the feedback I’ve gotten, you definitely did! From the private atmosphere, to the drinks and macaroons, getting to play dress up and have meaningful conversations those who attended really couldn’t say enough great things about the event, see what fellow blogger babe Nadia had to say,  so I thought to share it here for those who weren’t able to come. For me I loved being able to gather such a large variety of women who all found something from the brand that they loved and were able to meet people that they genuinely connected with. If  you’re not sure if Tory Burch is for you, keep scrolling to check out all the looks we put together and well as some of the pieces everyone was loving.

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