Is there anything better than cozy lounge wear in the winter? I won’t lie, for the longest this part of my wardrobe went completely overlooked.  I’ve been relying on the same pair of worn out sweats and hole filled college tees for basically the last five years.  That’s because when I transitioned from college into the real world I decided to get rid of all my dingy sweat clothes as a way to motivate myself to actually dress up when I left the house.  Did anyone else practically live in leggings and sweatshirts their whole college career or just me?  This little push definitely helped me experiment with my style, but winter after winter I regretfully looked at my lounging options with despair.  And even before college I was never really into traditional pajama sets.  I usually opted for my sports tees and basket ball shorts or sweats.  I blame my mother because she pretty much spends the entire winter walking around the house swaddled in a robe with sweats underneath.  So for the new year I made a conscious to try to find some lounge wear outfits for winter.  Personally I’m not into super cutesy patterns and prints which made my search a little more difficult.  I also wanted to be sure that I was choosing pieces that weren’t only comfortable but wouldn’t easily be ruined by food, pet hair or the washing machine.  While these standards don’t seem to high, finding durable, comfortable yet chic lounge wear was not easy.  That’s why I decided I would round up some of the outfits I scored over the past few months as well as share some pieces I’m keeping my eye on. So if you’ve been struggling like me to find some chic lounge wear then keep scrolling because I’ve got you covered.  Also be sure to share with me what you look for in lounge wear in the comments below!

Urban Outfitters Robe (Similar)

 Tommy John Top

ASOS Matching Set (Similar Set Here)

Just like anything in your wardrobe you should be extremely picky when it comes to lounge wear.  Don’t just settle on a piece because it looks cute.  Be sure to really put these pieces to the test because you want clothes that aren’t only chic and comfortable but durable too.  There are a few things you can pay attention to to make that you’re picking quality pieces.  For starters pay attention to the material.  Fabrics like acrylic won’t hold their shape while more natural fabrics like cotton and wool tend to be more difficult to manage.  Another tell tale sign is to take a peak at the stitching.  I usually give my pieces a pretty good tug to make sure they wont just break at the seams and unravel into a useless mess.  Lastly look over the care instructions.  I can’t tell you how many times people have ruined their pieces because they didn’t pay attention to the care label.

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