Spring has never really been my favorite season.  Partly because in Michigan it means lots of rain but mostly due to fact that the re-occurring trends for the season just aren’t my cup of tea.  And as you guys know I’m not one of those bloggers that simply goes with the flow of whatever the “fashion gods” deem is in.  Especially with some of the trends I’m seeing this year like neon and tie-dye.  Which to me are hands down the most hideous things ever, I’m not sorry.  Though some are relishing in what I’m considering huge fashion no-nos, there are a few Spring trends things that I’m really loving right now:

1. Shades of Beige.  For those of us who are a bit color shy this trend is perfect.  Not only because it’s a flattering shade on practically everyone but because it’s actually a trend that will stand the tests of time.  The pants in this look are a great example!  I bought them over 5 years ago and they’re just as on trend now as they were then which is how this beige monochrome outfit came to be.

2. Animal Print.  I’ve always been an animal print lover.  See my leopard obsession here.  Personally I believe if you choose the right piece animal print never really goes out of style.  Re-watch Sex and the City if you don’t believe me.  This year I decided to give leopard a bit of a break and to add a few new animals to my fashion zoo like this snake print purse.

3. White Boots.  At first I was very against the white boot trend.  I just didn’t get the obsession, that was until I finally tried a pair.  Much to my surprise they actually turned out to be a key staple in my Spring wardrobe.  They’re an easy way to brighten up a look, just think of them as a dressier version of your white Converse.

You’ll notice the trends I tend to gravitate towards are ones that I’m going to be able to wear for years. What can I say, I’m practical in that way.  But practical doesn’t have to be boring!  It just means choosing the right pieces that add whimsy while being something I’ll reach for year after year.

What I’m Wearing

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